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April 20, 2018 at 2:00 PM - GMSD Special Call Board Meeting

1. Call to order
Speaker(s):  Chairman
Discussion:  Chairman Betsy Landers called the Special call meeting to order at 2:02 pm.
2. Approval of Bid for the Construction of a New Elementary School and Central Office
Speaker(s):  Josh Cathey
Recommended Motion(s):  I move to approve the awarding of bid #15209 for the construction of a new elementary school and central office to Baldwin and Shell Construction Company in the amount of $25,413,479., passed with a motion by Board Member #1 and a second by Board Member #2.
I move to approve the awarding of bid #15209 for the construction of a new elementary school and central office to Baldwin and Shell Construction Company in the amount of $25,413,479., passed with a motion by Mrs. Amy Eoff and a second by Mrs. Linda Fisher.
  • Mrs. Amy Eoff: Yea
  • Mrs. Linda Fisher: Yea
  • Mrs. Suzanne Jones: Yea
  • Mrs. Betsy Landers: Yea
  • Ms. Lisa Parker: Yea
No Action(s) have been added to this Agenda Item.

Josh Cathey, Chief of Operations outlined the entire process until the current Bid recommendation to the Board.

Site selection

1.        September 28, 2016- Land Options Forum

2.       October 2016- City Wide Survey 

3.       November 2016- School Site Analysis Committee Meeting
       4.        November 2016- School Board Sets Criteria for Land Selection
       5.       January 3- 2017 School Site Analysis Committee Meeting

6.       January 5 2017- Second Land Options Forum

7.       January 30 2017- School Board Approves executive committee to negotiate land contract

8.       February 9 2017- BMA/BOE retreat

9.       March 21 2017- Review of Timeline discussion with city administration

10.   March 28 2017- Presentation to Financial Advisory Commission

11.   April 5 2017- School Board Vote on land purchase contract


  Design/Approvals of the Elementary School


From March to September of 2017, 4 design committee meetings were held to gather feedback on the design of the elementary school.


September- November of 2017 BZA, DRC and Planning Commission Approval


December-March City of Germantown and State Fire Marshall approvals


September 2017-April 2018 Numerous design meetings with A2H to go over the various aspects of design. During this process, you get to this (point out drawings and project manual)


Designing to a budget presents a challenge. First off, each one of these approving bodies is capable of requiring changes, which can have budget implications. There are 33 divisions in this, with each division having multiple parts. The original project manual is 1300+ pages. You are making hundreds of decisions on size of pipe, glass specifications, flooring, finishes and the electrical, HVAC systems, cabling/technology, masonry, metals, and the list is endless, and all with cost implications.


March-April 2018 Once the bid goes out, there were 93 RFI’s (Request for Information) with multiple questions in each RFI that have to be answered in addendums. 6 addendums were issued during the bid process.


Then you get to bid day. We are happy to announce that the bids came in at $194 per square foot and the central office came in at $188 per square foot for the central office. In this bidding environment, we are very happy with the bid process and the results of the bid.

3. Adjournment
Speaker(s):  Chairman

Chairman Landers made the following announcements;

June 4 - Regular Board Work Session and Business Meeting

June 8 - Tentative date for Board Retreat 

June 18 - Tentative date for Superintendent Contract and Evaluation

The meeting was adjourned with consensus at 2:17 pm.

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