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September 22, 2021 at 5:00 PM - GMSD Work Session

1. Review / Revision of Policies - First Reading
Revisions are recommended for the following policies
First Reading 9.28.21 / Second Reading 10.26.21
* Policies are uploaded in BOE Connect in Numerical Order

Department of Student Services

SP 6.200            Attendance and Truancy - Moved responsibility language regarding driver’s licenses and permits to attendance supervisor; added statutory language regarding excused absences; added statutory language regarding absences for non-school sponsored extracurricular activities; added language regarding postsecondary school visits in order to provide easier reference and language regarding travel; added statutory language regarding military absences; removed language regarding "pregnant students" because it is now included in homebound policy; added statutory notice requirement.

SP 6.2001          Attendance During Postsecondary Visits - Repealed this policy and folded this policy into 6.200 for ease of use by families and added more language surrounding travel. 

SP 6.311            Care of School Property - Changed from "Director of Schools" to "Superintendent" to be consistent.

SP 6.313            Discipline Policy - Adds new mass violence language and hacking and cyberattacking to discipline policy; adds notice language to provide due process to students. Title changed from "Discipline Procedures" to "Discipline Policy"

SP 6.314            Corporal Punishment - Strikes language that became obsolete when latest discipline policy was drafted, which provides for alternative disciplinary practices. 

SP 6.318            Admission of Suspended or Expelled Students - Added statutory language regarding students admitted from other school districts that have been suspended or expelled.

SP 6.4001          Students Surveys, Analyses and Evaluations - Removed unnecessary procedure language in that procedure is set forth in policy.

SP 6.402            Physical Examinations and Immunizations - Added statutory language regarding homeless students.
SP 6.404            HIV / AIDS (Students) - Added statutory language in order to correct confusion between AIDS discrimination not just HIV as it relates to students; deleted infection control language in that the district provides protocols for infection control. 

SP 6.405            Administering Medicines to Students - Corrected typo which referenced policy as a procedure; expanded language to include statutory language pertaining to students with pancreatic insufficiency or cystic fibrosis; added statutory language permitting the use of asthma inhalers.

SP 6.409            Child Abuse and Child Sexual Abuse - Corrected typo correcting "or" to "and", removed procedure provision because all is explained in policy.

SP 6.411            Student Wellness - Frequency of legislative changes has caused footnotes to oftentimes be inaccurate and require re-ordering of numbers, which causes confusion.  Moving forward we will be transitioning away from footnote numbering; changed from "director of schools" to "superintendent" to be consistent with GMSD reference. 

SP 6.413            Concussion - Added statutory language regarding annual completion of concussion training for employed and volunteer coaches.

School Board Operations

1.404 - Appearances Before the Board - Amended policy to be in conformance with new legal precedent; both counsels have reviewed and approved.

Department of Teaching, Learning and Assessment

4.203 - Advanced College Placement - Repealed this policy because it is subsumed into 4.203.1

4.203.1 - Enrollment in Advanced and College Level Courses - This policy was overhauled as a result of new statutory requirements.

4.404 - Use of Copyrighted Materials - 4.404- Added language to clarify employee responsibility in regard to copyright infringement, based upon recent claims by copyright owners; removed language regarding "regulations" and "practices" in that the law is clear and does not require further regulations, and because all employees have now received in-service training regarding copyright infringement. 

4.700 - Testing Programs - Page 3/Line 1 - 7th OR 8th Graders added

Department of Human Resources

5.401 - HIV / AIDS (Employees) - This policy was changed to be consistent with the language changes regarding clarifications pertaining to AIDS and HIV that were made in the Policy 6.404 HIV / AIDS (Students).  This policy 5.401 pertains to employees. Title changed to be consistent with the Student Policy 6.404

2. Miscellaneous FY 2021-22 Budget Amendments
Rationale:  Miscellaneous FY 2021-22 Budget Amendment # 10,11,12
3. Approval of LEA Health and Safety Plan
Rationale:  Board Approval is a requirement to Complete ESSER  Approval from the State.
4. Approval of ESSER Spending Plan
Rationale:  Board Approval is a requirement to Complete ESSER  Approval from the State.
5. Further Business

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