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November 20, 2017 at 5:30 PM - GMSD Work Session

1. Annual Review of Policies

The following polices were reviewed and NO changes recommended at this time

November Policy Review 

SBO 1.100 School Board Legal Status and Authority 

SBO 1.101 Role of the Board 

SBO 1.102 Board Members Legal Status 

SBO 1.105 School Board Legislative Involvement 

SBO 1.106 Code of Ethics 

SBO 1.1061 Boardsmanship Code of Ethics 

SBO 1.107 Board Member Conflict of Interest 

SBO 1.108 Nepotism 

SBO 1.200 Election of Officers 

SBO 1.201 Duties of Officers 

SBO 1.202 Duties of Board Members 

SBO 1.204 Board Member Development Opportunities 

SBO 1.205 Board – Director Relations 

SBO 1.300 Board Committees 

HR 5.202 Advanced Degrees 

2. Revision of Policies IP 4.602 Honor Rolls, Awards and Class ranking and SP 6.409 Child Abuse and Neglect- First Reading
Rationale:  SP 6.409 revised per recent State/ TSBA recommendation
3. Approval of Textbook Adoption 2017-18

Attached are the three textbook committees submitted for approval for this 2017-18 annual adoption cycle: Section C:


Fine Arts, AV Technology & Communications, and

Health & PE.

4. Miscellaneous FY 17-18 Budget Amendments # 20, 21 & 22
Rationale:  *pending Budget Amendment # 22 for Safe schools Grant (will be added by friday)
5. Approval of Co-operatives Membership
Recommended Motion(s):  I move to approve to join Purchasing Co-operatives NIPA (National Intergovernmental Purchasing Alliance) and US Communities, passed with a motion by Board Member #1 and a second by Board Member #2.

Refer to Policy 2.805



“The Board, at its option, will join in cooperative purchasing with other school systems to take advantage of lower prices for bulk purchasing and to reduce the cost involved in bidding whenever such buying appears to be to the benefit of the system.”


Co-operatives allow GMSD to:

  • Gain efficiencies of scale in purchasing
  • Strengthen overall buying power
  • Ensure competitiveness and quality
  • Reduce administrative time by simplification of process
  • Meet compliance requirements and regulations
    • Bids/Quotes- competitive solicitation
  • Utilize experience, processes of other professionals, entities


National IPA (Intergovernmental Purchasing Alliance)

  • Competitively solicited, evaluated and award by government entities
  • Contracts awarded based on best practices and procedures to ensure value and security coupled with transparency of the process
  • Experienced in public procurement and cooperative purchasing
  • Participation of around 48,000 entities
  • Funded by suppliers- administrative fee
  • Has joined forces with TCPN (of which GMSD is already a member); however, the finer points of the Joint Venture will not be complete until late 2018 at the earliest.
  • Local (Germantown) participant:  Knowledge Tree
  • Others: Lowe’s, BSN Sports, Grainger


US Communities

  • Membership of 90,000 public agencies
  • Co-sponsored by 5 leading national organizations (National Association of Counties, National League of Cities, ASBO International, The United States Conference of Mayors, National Governors Association
  • Advisory Board of public procurement professionals provides leadership, direction, ensures adherence to standards
  • NIGP- Accredited (National Institute of Governmental Purchasing)(a.k.a. The Institute for Public Procurement)
  • Third party audits and analyses performed on contracts
  • Funded by suppliers- administrative fee
  • Participants: Amazon Business (for first year, free Prime memberships), Cintas, Graybar, The Home Depot, Trane


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