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December 15, 2020 at 5:30 PM - GMSD Work Session

1. Revision of Policies 
Rationale:  Revision of Policies after first and final reading:

Department of Human Resources
Revision Policy - 5.302 Sick Leave
Revision Policy - 3.600 - Insurance Management
These revisions were based on the recommendations provided by TSBA during their annual Policy Manual Audit:
Policy 5.302 - Page 1, line 26, states that sick leave for maternity purposes may be taken during the period of physical disability only. However, this is no longer the case due to a change in state law - teachers can use sick leave for maternity leave purposes if pregnancy is verified by a physician and are no longer limited to taking this leave only during the period of physical disability. To be in compliance with state law as well as reduce redundancy throughout board policy, we recommend removing this paragraph from this board policy. Information regarding maternity leave can be found in board policy 5.305.
Policy 3.600 - Boards are required to maintain a provision on the compliance of HIPPAA’s security standards. This is missing from board policy 3.600. We recommend including this information as it is required to be in board policy per federal law.

Department of Teaching, Learning and Assessment
Revision Policy 4.604 Credit for Prior courses - Added first line of the policy
*New Policy 4.201 - Class sizes
TSBA Recommendation 4.201- Boards are required to have a policy that states that class sizes should not exceed the averages allowed by state law. Our model policy 4.201 aligns with this requirement. The Board could choose to adopt this policy outright with the new title change. 

Department of Student Services
*Revision Policy 6.303 Interrogations and Searches - Revised per TSBA recommendation .
*Updated and Revised per Ms. Estes recommendations
2. Miscellaneous FY 20-21 Budget Amendments # 20 & 21
3. Further Business

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