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February 16, 2022 at 5:00 PM - GMSD Work Session

1. Presentation of Preliminary Work on the Houston High School Master Plan
2. Review / Revision of Policies - First Reading
Revisions are recommended for the following,
First Reading 2.22.22 / Second Reading 3.29.22

During the past few months, we have observed the need to review policies not just for legal sufficiency but also for necessity.  Emerging from that review is the discovery that there are policies some of which are not legally required, are aspirational in nature, and/or are unenforceable as a matter of policy.  Going forward, we recommend that some policies be repealed, if they fall into those categories.

REPEAL Policy 1.602 Administrative Committees - The reason for recommending the repeal of this policy is that inherent in his job responsibilities, the Superintendent may exercise his discretion to establish committees, without need for a policy.

REPEAL Policy 1.603 Administrative Reports-The reason for recommending the repeal of this policy is that the Superintendent and his staff routinely provide administrative reports.  Many of the items listed in this policy are already embedded in documents the Board receives throughout the year; additionally, some of the items listed are unclear.  To have such a policy seems redundant and/or creates a lack of clarity as to what is expected.

REPEAL Policy 1.700 School District Goals- The reason for recommending the repeal of this policy is that while it is clearly within the Board’s purview to establish school district goals, the goals in this policy are primarily aspirational and are, for the most part, unenforceable as a matter of policy.  It is to be noted that this policy is not the same as the Board’s "strategic plan".

Revision Policy 1.601 Administrative Procedures-The recommended changes to this policy involve changing "director of schools" to "Superintendent", capitalizing words, removing superfluous language, removing footnote numbers and updating citations.

Revision Policy 1.701 School District Planning-The recommended changes to this policy remove superfluous and obsolete language.  The language regarding the "board retreat" is removed because the Board has the inherent authority to have a board retreat without the need to reference same in a policy. Removed footnote and updated citations

Revision Policy 1.703 School Attendance Zones- The recommended changes to this policy include changing "director of schools" to "Superintendent", replacing the word "areas" with the more common reference with "zones", and updated the policy to reflect common attendance zone considerations.  Removed footnote and updated citation.

Revision Policy 1.802 Section 504 and ADA Grievance Procedures-Updated policy to reflect current legal requirements and contact information. Removed footnotes and updated citations.

Revision Policy 1.808 Registered Sex Offenders-Updated policy to reflect current legal requirements.  Removed footnote and updated citation.

Revision Policy 1.809 Non-Discrimination Statements- Changed title of Title IX Coordinator, removed footnotes and updated citations.

3. Miscellaneous FY 2021-22 Budget Amendments # 21 & 22
Rationale:  Budget Amendment # 21 - Title I Funds Budget Revisions pending State Approval
Budget Amendment # 22 - Cafeteria Funds Budget Revisions
Attachments: (1)
4. Approval of Special Course Application


A course designed for students to fulfill a fine arts credit who may not desire a year-long experience in a single sphere of the fine arts. This survey course offers students quarterly rotations comprising experiences in theater, general music, visual arts, and film. Through experiences with each sphere, students will build familiarity with and understanding of the varied methodologies employed by artists. Students will work to develop basic competencies in creating and producing minor works as well as responding to and connecting with established works of art in multiple genres. Students will make use of critical thinking and problem solving skills necessary to analyze and evaluate established works of art and employ content specific critical strategies such as visual thinking - all of which support student engagement and cross-curricular connections invoking higher order thinking.


5. Further Business

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