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September 28, 2021 at 6:00 PM - GMSD Board Business Meeting

1. Call to Order
2. Moment of Silence
3. Pledge of Allegiance
4. Approval of Agenda
Recommended Motion(s):  Motion passed: I move to approve the agenda,, passed with a motion by Board Member #1 and a second by Board Member #2.
5. Recognition and Awards
Rationale:  Student Recognitions:
This month, the National Merit Scholarship Corporation (NMSC) announced the names of its Semifinalists in the 67th annual National Merit Scholarship Program including eight of HHS’ Seniors:

Sophia Cheng
Daniel Gottschalk
Hamin Jin
Hari Rajadurai
Robert Randall
Darsh Shah
Ashley Yan
Susan Zhang

These academically talented high school seniors have an opportunity to continue in the competition for some 7,600 National Merit Scholarships worth more than $31 million that will be offered next spring. The nationwide pool of applicants is about 1.5 million, and the Semifinalists represent less than one percent of U.S. high school seniors.

Additionally, the National Merit Scholarship Corporation has identified 34,000 high performers who scored remarkably on the PSAT as Commended Students. 

Aslam, Suha
Baymiller, Matthew
Canter, Owen
Chheda, Anjali
Eoff, Adam
Hamlett, Jefferson
Osman, Azah
Parikh, Megha
Reed, Gavyn
Reynolds, Chancellor
Uh, Daniel

These top scholars deserve recognition for their academic excellence as well also wish to congratulate their teachers for the important work they do with our students each day.

We are also recognizing Emma Grace Benzing this evening.  As you know, she was selected as the Delta Region’s Student Excellence Award recipient by the Tennessee School Board Association this month.  Due to pandemic restrictions, that in-person meeting was moved to a virtual setting, so our board wanted to take a moment to recognize Ms. Benzing in person.  She was chosen for her commitment to servant leadership and representing student voice, as she served on many district level committees last year. 

Staff Recognitions:
Our staff recognitions are the first of their kind.  Each month, we’ll be recognizing Employees that Empower--teachers that are working to further the goal of creating student to student connections inside and outside the classroom.  This month, two teachers from Houston Middle School began a new program that helps 8th grade students both express themselves as individuals and their belonging to the 8th grade class at HMS.  They began a rock garden in which each student is invited to paint and place  a rock.  They hope it will become an HMS tradition, with each class adding their rocks to the garden each year.  We want to thank Andrea Starks and Devon Pohlman for starting the new tradition as this month’s Employees that Empower.

6.A. TLN Update (Tennessee Legislature)
Attachments: (1)
6.B. Chairman's Report
6.D. Superintendent's Report
7. Citizens to be heard
Recommended Motion(s):  Motion passed: I move to approve all the items in the Consent Agenda,, passed with a motion by Board Member #1 and a second by Board Member #2.
8.A. Approval of the Minutes
Rationale:  Minutes from 8.24.21 Board Business Meeting
8.B. Review / Revision of Policies - First Reading
Revisions are recommended for the following policies
First Reading 9.28.21 / Second Reading 10.26.21
* Policies are uploaded in BOE Connect in Numerical Order

Department of Student Services

SP 6.200            Attendance and Truancy - Moved responsibility language regarding driver’s licenses and permits to attendance supervisor; added statutory language regarding excused absences; added statutory language regarding absences for non-school sponsored extracurricular activities; added language regarding postsecondary school visits in order to provide easier reference and language regarding travel; added statutory language regarding military absences; removed language regarding "pregnant students" because it is now included in homebound policy; added statutory notice requirement.

SP 6.2001          Attendance During Postsecondary Visits - Repealed this policy and folded this policy into 6.200 for ease of use by families and added more language surrounding travel. 

SP 6.311            Care of School Property - Changed from "Director of Schools" to "Superintendent" to be consistent.

SP 6.313            Discipline Policy - Adds new mass violence language and hacking and cyberattacking to discipline policy; adds notice language to provide due process to students. Title changed from "Discipline Procedures" to "Discipline Policy"

SP 6.314            Corporal Punishment - Strikes language that became obsolete when latest discipline policy was drafted, which provides for alternative disciplinary practices. 

SP 6.318            Admission of Suspended or Expelled Students - Added statutory language regarding students admitted from other school districts that have been suspended or expelled.

SP 6.4001          Students Surveys, Analyses and Evaluations - Removed unnecessary procedure language in that procedure is set forth in policy.

SP 6.402            Physical Examinations and Immunizations - Added statutory language regarding homeless students.
SP 6.404            HIV / AIDS (Students) - Added statutory language in order to correct confusion between AIDS discrimination not just HIV as it relates to students; deleted infection control language in that the district provides protocols for infection control. 

SP 6.405            Administering Medicines to Students - Corrected typo which referenced policy as a procedure; expanded language to include statutory language pertaining to students with pancreatic insufficiency or cystic fibrosis; added statutory language permitting the use of asthma inhalers.

SP 6.409            Child Abuse and Child Sexual Abuse - Corrected typo correcting "or" to "and", removed procedure provision because all is explained in policy.

SP 6.411            Student Wellness - Frequency of legislative changes has caused footnotes to oftentimes be inaccurate and require re-ordering of numbers, which causes confusion.  Moving forward we will be transitioning away from footnote numbering; changed from "director of schools" to "superintendent" to be consistent with GMSD reference. 

SP 6.413            Concussion - Added statutory language regarding annual completion of concussion training for employed and volunteer coaches.

School Board Operations

1.404 - Appearances Before the Board - Amended policy to be in conformance with new legal precedent; both counsels have reviewed and approved.

Department of Teaching, Learning and Assessment

4.203 - Advanced College Placement - Repealed this policy because it is subsumed into 4.203.1

4.203.1 - Enrollment in Advanced and College Level Courses - This policy was overhauled as a result of new statutory requirements.

4.404 - Use of Copyrighted Materials - 4.404- Added language to clarify employee responsibility in regard to copyright infringement, based upon recent claims by copyright owners; removed language regarding "regulations" and "practices" in that the law is clear and does not require further regulations, and because all employees have now received in-service training regarding copyright infringement. 

4.700 - Testing Programs - Page 3/Line 1 - 7th OR 8th Graders added

Department of Human Resources

5.401 - HIV / AIDS (Employees) - This policy was changed to be consistent with the language changes regarding clarifications pertaining to AIDS and HIV that were made in the Policy 6.404 HIV / AIDS (Students).  This policy 5.401 pertains to employees. Title changed to be consistent with the Student Policy 6.404

8.C. Miscellaneous FY 2021-22 Budget Amendments
Rationale:  Miscellaneous FY 2021-22 Budget Amendment # 10,11,12
9.A. Approval of LEA Health and Safety Plan
Recommended Motion(s):  Motion passed: I move to approve the current LEA Health and Safety Plan, passed with a motion by Board Member #1 and a second by Board Member #2.
Rationale:  Board Approval is a requirement to Complete ESSER  Approval from the State.
9.B. Approval of ESSER Spending Plan
Recommended Motion(s):  Motion passed: I move to approve the current ESSER Spending Plan, passed with a motion by Board Member #1 and a second by Board Member #2.
Rationale:  Board Approval is a requirement to Complete ESSER  Approval from the State.
10. Announcements
11. Adjournment

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