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January 17, 2017 at 5:30 PM - GMSD Work Session

TLN Grant Contract 2016-17
Speaker(s):  Dan Haddow
Miscellaneous FY 2016-17 Budget Amendments 46,47 and 48
Speaker(s):  Kevin Jones
School fees & Activity costs
Speaker(s):  Kevin Jones
Update from OPEB Commission/ US Bank Contract
Speaker(s):  Kevin Jones
Update on Tenure
Speaker(s):  Dan Haddow
Revision of Board Policies
Speaker(s):  Meredith Park / Chauncey Bland

The following Board policies are being revised,

IP 4.502 - Parental and Family Involvement

IP 4.600 - Grading

IP 4.602 - Honor Roll, Awards and Class Ranking

IP 4.700 - Testing Programs

SP 6.200 - Attendance, Pregnancy and Truancy

SP 6.309 - Zero Tolerance Offenses

SP 6.409 - Child Abuse and Neglect

SP 6.414 - Guidance and School Counseling

New Board Policy IP 4.802 - Student Equal Access
Speaker(s):  Meredith Park
Land Options for New GMSD School
Speaker(s):  Jason Manuel
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