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April 19, 2012 at 7:00 PM - April Regular Monthly Board Meeting

Minutes from March 15, 2012 Board Meeting File
Overnight and/or Out of State Trip Requests
Cascade FFA - Leadership Camp - Doyle, TN
Request to Address Nepotism Policy
Bill Pietkiewicz
Sharon Edwards
Child Nutrition Update - Janet Clarkson
Tax Analysis & Expenditures-Robert Daniel
March Monthly Financial Report
Quarterly Financial Report
Budget Amendment #4
Bid No. 12-30 - Parent Messaging Notification System
Recommended Textbook Adoptions
Title I Consolidated Plan Amendment #1
Rationale:  Attached are the top two pages of a 24 page amendment.  These pages contain the amended items.  This is for a reallocation of SCS money which was for tutoring at Harris that has not been used.
First To The Top Spring 2012 Amendment
Energy Efficient Schools Initiative Incentive Grant for Eastside, Liberty, Southside, and Thomas Magnet
Zoning Proposal #1
Revision - Policy 6.304 - Discrimination/Harassment and Bullying/Intimidation of Students
Rationale:  Public Chapter 251 now requires that Board policies include cyberbullying in the list of prohibited acts.  We already mention cyberbullying in our Acceptable Use policy but in order to be compliant and consistent we need to add to this policy as well. 
Revision- Policy 4.603 - Promotion and Retention
Rationale:  State law now prohibits "social promotion" of third graders.  This will prove to be expensive for school systems and a push back year after next is expected.
Major Rewrite - Policy 5.109 - Evaluation
Rationale:  This policy is being revised to reflect the recent changes made by the State Board of Education.
New - Policy 6.202 - Home Schools
Rationale:  This is a sample policy from TSBA due to the extensive revisions to state law on the nature of home schooling.
Revision - Policy 6.200 - Attendance
Rationale:  Mr. Looper asked for the highlighted changes to the Attendance Policy in order to beef up enforcement and to have something more substantial to "hold over the heads of 18 year olds".  The last section of revisions is an upate to reflect how Mr. Looper is currently handling these issues.
Revision - Policy 5.113 - In-Service and Staff Development Opportunities
Rationale:  This revision is a change in wording.  Number of staff development days are approved by the Board through calendar approval and the Board does not expect to approve every inservice event scheduled.
Major Rewrite - Policy 1.108 - Nepotism
Rationale:  This is a complete rewrite to update current policy using as a reference policies from various other school systems including Hamilton County, Metro Nashville Public Schools, Wilson County and Murfreesboro City Schools. 

Original changes are noted with black strikethroughs and changes made during the work/study session are noted in green.

Additional changes suggested since the study session include:

 - Adding a paragraph such as:

Whenever a person is considered by the superintendent for initial employment in the system and that person is a relative of the Board, the superintendent, administrator or other employee in the system, the fact of the relationship shall be publicly made known to the superintendent prior to the employment of such person.

On paragraph 2 - Relatives of employees may not occupy a position that will be working directly for or directly supervising their relative or be assigned to the same work location. 
Classworks Contract
Legislative Report
Executive Committee Report
Surplus Property
Declaration from HMS
Declaration from SCHS
Declaration from Community High
Declaration from Cascade Middle
Declaration from Community Middle
Declaration from Liberty
Declaration from Eastside
Superintendent's Report
Rationale:   - TOSS Legislative Meeting
 - Graduation Update
 - Mobile Health Unit
 - Planning for Next Year
Teacher Appreciation Drawing
School System Programs and Achievements
Personnel Matters
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