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November 10, 2014 at 6:00 PM - November 10, 2014 Board Meeting

1. Mission Statement: The mission of the Union City Schools is to prepare students to live, work, contribute, and excel in an ever-changing world.
2. Call to order
3. Pledge of Allegiance
4. Individuals wishing to address items on the agenda
5. Consent Agenda
Rationale:  All information pertinent to the approval of the consent agenda is enclosed for your review and consideration.
5.1. Approve minutes (10/13/14)
5.2. Approve agenda
5.3. Approve bills
5.4. Approve 2015-2016 Textbook Adoption Committee
Rationale:  The State legislation passed in spring of 2014 (Public Chapter 981) requires school districts to include parents on their local textbook review committees: "These committees shall be comprised of teachers, or supervisors and teachers, and parents with children enrolled in the LEA at the time of appointment to a committee."

See the attachment "Textbook Adoption Committee 2015-2016"
5.5. 2014 LEA Compliance Report
6. State Report Card

Classroom/Curriculum Coordinator Vicki Wilkinson will report on the 2013-2014 Report Card.

Discussion:  gc asked gh if any comments 1st ..... said vw report...some ares vry prd of..some making areasof imprvme on..cmnd tchrs adm i work..past fw urs very stressful items coming down from st fine work they, princ & vw do every day. handouts to mbrs..vw will get info to me..rlsd to pub 10/30.mch 2nite not new dept rlsd date in late july & she shared some data thern.jbe found on tn ed website.vry usr unfrndly..profile sht-#s, etc., ethnicities..tvaas for dstrct..(get frm w)..composite scrs across st;;last yr gr 2 - sat 10, scores included; 1-5 score levels, 4-5 greater than exp growth;23-expected; less-less. lit comp inc all literacy focus test; all --- each school has overal tvaas score..hs/ms/es students expected to grow 1 yr each yr.; areas being addressed w/ cont rti & intervention & tht will iprove..avg act w're prd of 20.6 - every jr stnt in school takes; state was 19. something..grad rate for 2012-2013. if enter in 9th grade & grad in 4 yrs, cohort..includces stdnts w/ sp nds..ours up a little bit, we gained some. acvhmnt part - statewide across almost every hs sbjct; status of our district - accountabililty status - achiedve; not execmpl; we met 7 out of 11 targets. we were well approve sev st achvmnts; others not; get who they target - 3rd & 7th rad reading/la & math; gap targets - decrease the gap improved some; we improvmnt in sev subgroups; gap closrues really very imprtnt; frm pg 1, the tvaas - same thing as value added - gr 3/8 criteriaion achvmnts based on standards tchrs teacch ; val added grwth grd 3-8?? lrgst gain in 7th gr math; gr 9-12 addressed diff; based onpredicted score vs actual score student made. we had above in several did pretty well in value added. callege & career readiness - 2nd one - act college readiness benchmarks...scores rep level of achvmnt req for st to have 50% chance of b or higher or 75% of c or higher. in eng 62% met; math 33 %; rdng 40 something & science -- something; 47.8% st mtng hope scholarship elig; act scores comp of 24.6; get avgs fromvw; re tchrs being highly qualified - apprproatedegree & praxiss test - 100% of ours hihly qualified. will contionue to work hard to close acvhmnt gap where those lie in the subgroups. making strides but working to close it further. for vw & her positionb, their are alot of positives in this rprt &there are areas needing improvment & we're woring hard to improve. past few yrs have ben very challengeing in stgandards, assessmentnst not accuratey assessing;; our tchrs are resilitent, hard work & care about the students. THank the tchrfs & dmin in working hard. gc asked to explain
7. Recognition of Outgoing Board Member Wesley Conley

Outgoing Board Member Wesley Conley will be recognized. Mrs. Conley held one of two At-large seats on the Union City Board of Education. She was first appointed by the board in May 2012 to fill the position left vacant when Cam Rice moved out of state and was elected to the seat in November of the same year. Mrs. Conley chose not to run for re-election in the 2014 race. 


8. Director's Update
9. Comments from Board Members
10. Adjourn
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