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September 12, 2019 at 5:00 PM - Henry County School System Board Meeting

Call to Order
Discussion:  Board Member, Mr. Rod Frey, led the Pledge of Allegiance and Board Member, Mr. Jill McCampbell, acknowledged the Moment of Silence. 
*Election of Chairman
Discussion:  Board Member, Mr. Josh Frey, nominated current Madam Chairman, Mrs. Jill Coker, to continue as Chair. 

*No additional nominees.

*Election of Vice-Chairman
Discussion:  Board Member, Tom Beasley, nominated Mr. Jim McCampbell to serve as Vice-Chairman.

*No additional candidates nominated.
Citizen's Forum
Board Member Forum
Adopt & Approve the Consent Agenda
Director's Personnel Report
Board Minutes
Speaker(s):  Dr. Leah Watkins
Nurse's Report
Speaker(s):  Dr. Leah Watkins
General Purpose Monthly Financial Report
Speaker(s):  Dr. Leah Watkins
Special Education Contracts
Speaker(s):  Dr. Leah Watkins
Adopt & Approved the Main Agenda
HCHS Presentation
Speaker(s):  Dr. Michele Webb
Discussion:  Henry County High School Principal, Dr. Michele Webb, welcomed the Board. Dr. Webb informed the board that students and staff have been busy at Henry County High School with all the preparations for the upcoming 50th Year Celebration. Students spoke about the festivities; especially the time capsule that will be buried for the next twenty-five years, along with the dedication ceremony of the new Linda Wilson Miller Theater.

Dr. Michele Webb also provided a brief school plan update to the board.
CTE in Middle School
Speaker(s):  Mrs. Betsy Allison & Mr. Daniel Armstrong
Discussion:  Mrs. Betsy Allison, Director of Career & Technical Education, stated that the additions of Art and Agriculture at the middle school levels are progressing well. The additional position has been filled by Mary Kate Paschall of Paris. Mrs. Allison informed the board that an agriculture advisory committee for middle school grades has also been formed. Mr. Emory Bradly will serve as the chairman, along with  Mr. Ty Wilson of Wilson Farms will serve for Henry School, Mr. Travis McLeese of the Paris-Henry County Chamber of Commerce will serve for Lakewood School, and Mrs. Tracy Middleton of Middleton Lumber Company will serve for Harrelson School.

Lastly, Mrs. Allison acknowledged that only 13 chartered middle school programs existed in Tennessee before Lakewood, Henry, and Harrelson approved their programs. To say that this is a huge achievement would merely be an understatement. She is so proud of the work that this organization is doing and thanked the board for their continued support.
*Field Trip Request: FFA National Convention
Speaker(s):  Mrs. Laura Moss
Discussion:  HCHS FFA advisor, Ms. Laura Moss, requested approval for a field trip to the FFA National Convention from October 30, 2019 - November 2, 2019 in Indianapolis, IN. Ms. Moss informed the board that the chapter received a national three-star award for the sixth time. This award is the highest an FFA chapter can obtain. Students will also be required to attend multiple workshops and seminars while at convention.

*Board approved the request.
HCHS Construction Update
Speaker(s):  Mr. John Akers
Discussion:  Maintenance Supervisor along with representatives from Lashlee- Rich and TLM presented updated information to the board regarding multpile renovation projects throughout the district. 
Facilities Update
Speaker(s):  Mr. John Akers
Discussion:  Maintenance Supervisor, Mr. John Akers, provided the board with the current renovations and facilities projects underway throughout the district.
Data Overview
Speaker(s):  Dr. Leah Watkins
Discussion:  Dr. Leah Watkins presented data findings for the Henry County School System. In her report, she stated that the Henry County School System has previously been ranked as "level three advancing" on a 1-4 scale. 

Third-grade reading increased by 10% this year and the system is one of three noted in northwest Tennessee as showing growth in math for grades 3-8. Individual schools received rankings as well, with Henry School getting a level one ranking with targeted support and improvement (TSI). Henry School did not show growth in designated subgroups. E. W. Grove School received a level two, and was removed from TSI because of increases in achievement and growth in designated subgroups. Lakewood's middle school grades and Henry County High School both received level three, meaning they both met expectations, and Lakewood's elementary grades received a level four, meaning it was above expectations in growth and achievement. Lastly, Harrelson received level five, meaning  it was significantly above expectations.

Dr. Watkins applauded the everyone for their dedication and hard-work throughout the district.
* Board Attorney Contract
Speaker(s):  Dr. Leah Watkins
Discussion:  Dr. Leah Watkins presented the options regarding the Board Attorney Contract and the board unanimously agreed to pay Mr. Rob Whitfield his regular retainer and no longer require him to be at every meeting. If the work for the board exceeds his retainer, he will bill the board for the additional time.
* Budget Planning: New Van Purchase
Speaker(s):  Dr. Leah Watkins
Discussion:  Dr. Leah Watkins announced the system will be replacing the food service van due to excessive mileage. This van is used for summer feeding programs and school deliveries, along with other food service responsibilities. 

The system will purchase a new van for food service and roll over the old van to maintenance to use. The cost will be split between maintenance and food service budgets.
*Budget Revisions
Speaker(s):  Dr. Leah Watkins & LonNita McDonald
Discussion:  Dr. Watkins moved to amend the budget to allow for the purchase of a new school bus for the district. This request comes after on of the larger buses in the district was damaged earlier this year and deemed a total loss. Insurance covered a portion of the estimated replacement cost.

*Board approved the requested amendment.
2019-2020 Federal Budget
Speaker(s):  Dr. Lean Watkins & LonNita McDonald
Discussion:  Dr. Watkins reviewed with the board the 2019-2020 Federal Budget as presented.
Committee Updates
*Facilities & Grounds
Discussion:  Board Member, Josh Frey, informed the board that arrangements moving forward with the signage project had begun for the Little Theater, Field house, and Football Field.

Also, additional safety features are potentially being provided by a private donor and hopefully more will be discussed in the near future.
*Committee Elections
Speaker(s):  Dr. Leah Watkins
Discussion:  Dr. Leah Watkins asked the board if anyone would like to make any changes to the current committees. All board members were satisfied and agreed to not make any changes.
Policy Updates:
*Policy 4.600- Grading System ( Second Reading)
Policy 1.804- Drug Free Workplace (First Reading)
Policy 2.403- Personal School Property Disposal/ Sale Procedure (First Reading)
Policy 6.506- Students from Military Families ( First Reading)
Policy 6.308- Bus Safety & Conduct (First Reading)
Policy 6.304- Student Discrimination, Harassment, Bullying, Cyberbulling, and Intimidation (First Reading)
Policy 6.200- Attendance (First Reading)
Policy 4.700- Testing Programs (First Reading)
6.2001- Attendance During Post Secondary Visits (First Reading) 
6.415- Suicide (First Reading)
Policy 4.211- Work- Based Learning Program (First Reading)
Policy 4.210-Credit Recovery (First Reading)
Policy 4.502- Parent & Family Engagement ( First Reading)
Policy 6.503-  Homeless Students (First Reading)
Speaker(s):  Dr. Leah Watkins
Discussion:  Dr.Watkins informed the board that one policy would require a vote and all remaining policies were discussed in detail. 

*Board approved Policy 4.600- Grading System.

Madam Chairman Report
Speaker(s):  Mrs. Jill Coker
Director's Report
Speaker(s):  Dr. Leah Watkins
Discussion:  Dr. Watkins announced that E.W. Grove Principal, Mr. Tim Mason, along with Henry County High School Principal, Dr. Michele Webb, attended the TN Rural Principal Network.

Dr. Watkins discussed upcoming events; Grove football game tonight and HCHS will play on Friday, Positively Paris-Henry County will be on September 24th the same night as the Fall District Meeting. Mr. Jack Pressey will receive an award. Everyone agreed that Dr. Watkins along with Jill Coker and Josh Frey would attend the community event and Jim McCampbell and Tom Beasley would attend the District Meeting. Board member, Rob Frey, would be out of town.

Dr. Watkins specially thanked the Paris-Henry County FFA along with Henry County High School for the decorations and for hosting. She also thanked Mrs. Karen Wilson for providing food for the evening.

Lastly, Dr. Watkins remined the board that the Evaluation Tool for the Director's Evalaution for be sent out prior to the October meeting. 

Discussion:  Board Member, Rod Frey, made a motion to adjourn.

*Adjourn 6:55 p.m.
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