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November 8, 2018 at 5:00 PM - November Board Meeting

Call to Order

Citizen's Forum

Adopt & Approve the Consent Agenda

Board Attorney, Mr. Robert Whitfield, ask that an amendment be made regarding the March board minutes stating that he was present for the meeting.

*Request noted and accepted.

Director's Personnel Report
Board Minutes
Nurse's Report
Budget Amendments
General Purpose Monthly Financial Report
Special Education Contract
LEA Compliance Report
Adopt & Approve the Main Agenda
E.W. Grove School Report
Speaker(s):  Mr. Tim Mason

E.W. Grove Principal, Mr. TIm Mason welcomed the board and turned the meeting over to Assistant Principal, Mrs. Lisa Wyatt to discuss the school improvement plan.

Mrs. Wyatt stated to the board that the two main focus areas are Math and English and technology is being used to aid in these areas. Cross focus strategies are being implemented throughout the classrooms with all teachers at E. W. Grove and the faculty is working as a whole to implement a system for student success.

Mrs. Wyatt discussed the importance of promoting college and career readiness, and a new online competition, Chatter High", in which E.W. Grove students are currently ranked on a National level in 2nd place, which earns the school $600.

Lastly, the implementation of AVID.

Mrs. Alex Cox presented an AVID timeline to the board. One year ago, Dr. Norton approached them about the program. Ms. Wyatt, Mr. Mason, and I started the process.

In the program, we are looking for middle of the road students that still preform well but need a little help to obtain the next level, they must have good work ethic and be first generation college students in their homes.

Students had to fill out a lengthy application. Thirty (30) students were accepted into the program and one moved so we currently have 29.

Seven Avid students spoke in detail about the program, the requirements, and how the program is benefiting them individually.

In closing, Mr. Mason, thanked the board for their continued support.




*Field Trip Request: HCHS Madrigals
Speaker(s):  Mr. Blair Chadwick

Mr. Blair Chadwick requested permission for the HCHS Madrigals to travel to Orlando, Florida on March 21-24, 2019. This opportunity allows students to work with nationally recognized music educators while attending clinics. Each participant will receive formal assessments through both verbal and written comments as well as numeric scores. Funding will be provided by the HCHS Madrigals Parent Association.

*Board Approved this request.



Academic Data Report
Speaker(s):  Ms. Betsy Allison

Mrs. Betsy Allison presented information regarding ACT data and Graduation rates to the board.

Information provided from Mrs. Allison allowed the board to see the comparison between Henry County High School and other high schools on both a State and National level.

Mrs. Allison stated, " this process is and will continue to be a work in progress". She feels confident with the continued efforts being made that Henry County numbers will continue to increase and improve.

School Level Audit Report
Speaker(s):  Ms. LonNita McDonald

Mrs. LonNita McDonald, Finance Director, presented the board members with a financial booklet that provided both individual and internal school funds for the district  through June 30, 2018. 

Mrs. McDonald only reports seven minor deficiencies and once identified they were corrected immediately.  

Bookkeepers throughout the district were presented with a small token of appreciation for their hard work and dedication. Mrs. McDonald informed the board that for a district the size of Henry County it is very rare that only small corrections need to be made.

She thanked the bookkeepers and told the board that each one of them take pride in their work and it makes her job so much more enjoyable.

Policy: 3.212- District Water Testing ( First Reading)
Speaker(s):  Dr. Brian Norton

Dr. Norton presented and discussed Policy:3.212-District Water Testing.

He explained that this is a new policy proposed by the State Department requiring the District to test for lead in drinking water every two years. 

*The board will discuss further on the second reading.

Policy: 4.701- Maintaining Test and Data Security (First Reading)
Speaker(s):  Dr. Brian Norton

Dr. Norton discussed the proposed change regarding Policy:4.701-Maintaining Test and Data Security with the Board. This change comes from the State Board of Education Policy.  The additional to the current policy consist of:

Data Security

Embargoed data may be shared with personnel as determined by the Director of Schools as set forth in procedure. Personnel shall not share embargoed data with external parties.

* This policy will be discussed further at the December meeting on the second reading.


Facilities Update
Speaker(s):  Mr. John Akers

Maintenance Supervisor, Mr. John Akers, provided the monthly update to the board members.

The gym at Henry County High School. Gym floors are cleaned and waxed and the end score boards need to be reinstalled. Planning on installing next week.

The Front Entrance at Henry County High School. Concrete company is now at Maintenance Shop and when they are finished with side walks and steps they will be going to the front entrance area. HVAC work started today on the nurse's area.

Front Office/ Other at Henry County High School. Ceiling work is progressing. Restroom in old nurse's office now has finalized drawings. Waiting on drawings for new nurse's office and will also be getting a drawing of restroom area in locker rooms that were omitted in original drawings.

The Maintenance Building ceiling grids started today. Electricians are working on panel and wiring in ground level circuits. Primer and first coat of paint are on the walls and concrete for pads/ sidewalks are being formed. When they are complete, the workers will head to the high school, and assist there.

The Spring Sports Building. Footers were poured last Friday and block work started today.

The Band Building at Henry County High School. Contractors are being notified. We may want to look at delaying start until Spring due to so much site work and proceeding with Field House due to parking lot surrounding job. The Field House does have site work associated with it but it is for the parking lot and not the building. Also, that will place work on field house starting after season and at worst case being done around start of school. When bids are open on field house that should make that an easier determination.

Lastly, the Field House at Henry County High School. Prebid is November 13th ( next Tuesday) and bid opening is on November 20, 2018.


Director's Report
Speaker(s):  Dr. Brian Norton

Dr. Norton discussed piloting a Kologik product, COPsync911. This is a free product offered to the district for a year. Dr. Norton stated that with the help of Denton Jordan, the Technology Supervisor, they will begin the process of implementation of the product. 

Dr. Norton congratulated Mrs. Valerie Godina, art teacher at Henry School, for completing a grant called Fresh Artist's Art Kit Grant. It is very competitive nationwide grant. She won approximately 200-250 art supplies.

Dr. Norton congratulated Ms. Katherine Sam, band and choral teacher at Henry School and Henry County High School; she applied for the TN State of the Arts grant for expanding music education and out of 63 school who applied, she learned that she is still in the running and is a finalist for the grant. She and Dr. Burton will interview soon and hopefully will be one of the (8) recipients.

Dr. Norton announced that Ms. Katie O'Brien has been named as the new head coach for the Henry County Middle School Soccer Team. Mr. Roy Ipatzi will be helping her as the new assistant coach. Uniforms are being priced and we are moving forward with plans for the boys team to begin in the Spring.

The 2019-2020 calendar committee had it's first meeting on Monday. There will be two additional meetings before finalizing a draft to submit for approval at the December board meeting. 

lastly, Dr. Norton thanked the board for their attendance at the annual TSBA Convention and stated that each had received an invitation to attend the November 17th basketball game where they would be recognized at half-time along with County Commissioners for their support on the high school gymnasium renovation.

Meeting adjourned-6:33 p.m.

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