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March 8, 2018 at 5:00 PM - March Board Meeting

Call to Order
Citizen's Forum

Adopt & Approve the Consent Agenda
Director's Personnel Report
Board Minutes
Nurse's Report
Budget Amendments
General Purpose Monthly Financial Report
Adopt & Approve the Main Agenda
HC Highlights
Speaker(s):  Mr. Doug Braden

Board Chairman, Mr. Doug Braden, provided highlights of each schools outstanding achievements along with a few students and staff members that had displayed additional acts of kindness. 

Lakewood 8th grader, Conner Bevin, was recognized after winning the West Tennessee Regional Spelling Bee. Dr. Norton along with the board congratulated him and wished him well as he will compete in the Scripps National Spelling Bee in Washington, DC this summer.

Lakewood Report
Speaker(s):  Mrs. Amy Veazey

Principal, Amy Veazey, welcomed the board to Lakewood School and stated that Mrs. Denay Kibbler would be presenting the school improvement plan.

Mrs. Kibbler advised that the Elementary plan focuses on improving reading levels and math fluency so programs have been implemented to achieve those goals. Additional focus areas were school climate and chronic absenteeism.

The three main areas for improvement for the Middle School focused on school climate, chronic absenteeism, along with enrichment. It was important to develop student based activities that help them learn on possible careers and prepare them for college.

Lastly, the Board learned that school librarian and 21st century teacher, Mrs. Shay Armstrong, had received a grant to help use technology in the classroom. Board members participated in a virtual tour of China and the 9/11 Memorial. 

Mrs. Veazey closed by thanking the board for their continued support.

*Field Trip Request: Lakewood Speech Team
Speaker(s):  Mr. David Weatherly

Mr. David Weatherly asked permission for the Speech Team to travel to Ft. Lauderdale, FL. on June 18-23, 2018 to compete in the National Speech Tournament.

The request was approved by the board.

SCOPE Conference Presentation
Speaker(s):  Mr. David Huber

Henry County High School teacher, Mr. David Huber, along with four students provided an overview of their recent trip to the annual SCOPE Conference. The conference is hosted thru the Tennessee School Boards Association. High school students are given opportunities to participate in board meetings and listen to issues and policies affecting schools.

Each participant thanked the board for the opportunity to attend the conference.


Facilities Update
Speaker(s):  Mr. John Akers

Mr. John Akers, Maintenance Supervisor, provided the board with a Facilities & Grounds update.

The bus garage building is about 90% complete with units in and insulated. Additional projects are still in motion and moving along well.

The Gym HVAC pre-bid is next week and several have had questions about it. Design drawings have begun on the front entrance and library and those will be finalized in April and bid out by the first of May.

Review of School Safety & Security
Speaker(s):  Dr. Brian Norton


Director of Schools Dr. Brian Norton gave a review of the system’s school safety and security in wake of recent school shootings that have impacted the nation.

Dr. Norton asked principals to review their plans and we all convened and discussed all aspects of each facility. 

Dr. Norton stated that we have the technology in all schools except the high school and we need to work on that.

Dr. Norton looked at the roles of Student Resources Officers and stated to the board that there is possible need to add another SRO at the High School.

Other plans include to update our camera and DVR system, an app to use in sharing anonymous information on things going on or possible threats, and consider bullet resistant film to cover doors and glass windows in high traffic areas.

Henry County Sheriff Monte Belew and Chief Deputy Damon Lowe were on hand at the meeting Thursday night to add some insight to help our school system become safer.

Adding an additional SRO to HCHS would cost a little over $44K per year but made the recommendation based on the size of the campus at Henry County High School.

The Sheriff’s Office is using their overtime budget to supply extra deputies at the schools to get more coverage. Some Reserve deputies will also be working school events such as ballgames and other thing in addition to the SROs.

In discussion on metal detectors, Sheriff Belew said it would be relatively expensive to implement and there isn’t enough research to show their effectiveness but they have been beneficial in bigger metropolitan areas. He said having limited points of entry at HCHS would help especially if metal detectors are implemented. It would also take staff and manpower to run the metal detectors.

In regards to arming of teachers, Sheriff Belew said we support and are for that to any teacher who is trained, willing, certified, and proficient in using firearms to be able to have them with them in the schools. He said they would be hand-selected and have a couple teachers be armed at each school to help mitigate an incident.

At the end of discussion regarding upgrading security and safety at our schools at the Henry County Board of Education meeting Thursday night, board member Rod Frey stood up and expressed his concerns.

Frey said he believed metal detectors were a great idea as they have them in big cities like Boston, Chicago, and others and you never hear of school shootings in major cities like that. He suggested having some staff try to help man the metal detectors.

Frey also talked about adding cameras and security footage especially in the parking lots and helping try to stop any type of intruder before they get into the building and adding another SRO at HCHS.

Dr. Norton said we will go back and look over adding additional layers of security and find out costs of implementation. He said we do have some rainy day fund that could be used.

Dr. Norton closed the conversation by stating that this would be an on-going conversation and all areas would be reviewed throughly.

Director's Report
Speaker(s):  Dr. Brian Norton

Dr. Norton stated that next week is “I Love Public Education Week,” and we plan on flooding social media outlets with why we love public education. He advised everyone to be ready!

He said budget conversations are in full swing. Dr. Norton also said across the country there is a shortage of bus drivers and substitute drivers. He said we have classified employees that could be bus drivers and we are going to remove a policy that stops overtime to allow these employees who can serve in both roles to do so to help with the bus driver situation.

He also stated that on March 14, 2018 Mr. Pierce Rose, Student Representative for the Board, will be meeting with Henry County High School Principal, Dr. Michele Webb, to finalize the request on the current cell phone policy. That policy should be ready for the First Reading at the April board meeting.

Lastly, Dr. Norton reminded everyone that the April board meeting will be held on April 12, 2018 at the Board of Education Tower Building.

Meeting adjourned-6:47 p.m.

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