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January 21, 2016 at 5:00 PM - Henry County Board of Education January Meeting

Call to Order
Speaker(s):  Chairman Jim McCampbell
Discussion:  The Pledge of Allegiance was led by Rod Frey. A moment of silence was recognized by Doug Braden.
Patriot Pride Recognition
Speaker(s):  Dr. Susan Burton
Patriot Pride Recognition
Speaker(s):  Dr. Susan Burton
Citizen's Forum
Adoption of Agendas
Adopt & Approve the Consent Agenda
Director's Personnel Report
Nurse's Report
Board Minutes
Adopt & Approve the Main Agenda
Patriot Pride Recognition
Speaker(s):  Dr. Susan Burton
Patriot Pride Recognition
Speaker(s):  Dr.Susan Burton
Discussion:  Dr. Susan Burton introduced Sara Dicus, a Senior at Henry County High School, who was recognized and thanked as the designer for the Christmas card sent out by the Henry County Board of Education through cooperation with Mrs. Angela Yeary's Patriot Pride Program at HCHS.
*Emergency Operation Plan Approval
Speaker(s):  Stephanie Winders
Discussion:  Mrs. Stephanie Winders discussed that she and Nursing Director, Melissa Hollingsworth, had currently reviewed a total of thirty-three procedures and policies. Ending the review process, a total of twelve changes were implemented. Some revisions were merely in terminology and other policies were merged with others to consolidate the material and simplify the process. Mrs. Winders discussed Safety and Emergency Management trainings that had taken place for the 2015-2016 school year. She advised that Dr. Norton and herself along with School Counselors attended the training session PREPARED that focuses on dealing with postvention of a crisis or death. Another session that is scheduled is a two-day FEMA workshop focusing on Multi-Hazard training for schools. She advised that Crisis Prevention Intervention training will continue for all school level members with the use of Hazardous Preparedness Online trainings that are purchased through SafeSchools. Mrs. Winders further explained that an Emergency Log Call had been developed this school year with Emergency Preparedness. Mrs. Winders advised that she includes several community partners in training and in planning. Community partners include Emergency Management. Mr. McCampbell asked if there was a timeline for renewal of these procedures and Mrs. Winders stated that she tracks the timeline for reviewing these documents regularly. She concluded her presentation by stating,"As a district we continue to provide Crisis Prevention Intervention training to all new teachers and provide refresher courses. Safety Act funds allows us to have training for Incident Response teams online". Dr. Norton thanked Mrs. Winders, Mrs. Hollingsworth, and Mrs.McFarland for their continued efforts in maintaining the most current and updated materials for the overall safety of the students and faculty of Henry County.
*Final Approval Five Year Plan
Speaker(s):  Dr.Brian Norton
Discussion:  Dr. Norton asked for any deletions or additions to the five year plan. Dr. Norton introduced the last goal and asked for approval. Dr. Norton reminded the board of the mission and vision of the district. He stated that this would be for 2016-2020.
*AdvancED Accreditation
Speaker(s):  Dr. Brian Norton
Discussion:  Dr. Norton thanked Mr. Miles for the work that he has continued to do with the district's AdvancEd accreditation process. Dr. Norton reminded the board of the importance of the process. There will be an external review team that will visit the district on April 3-5, 2016. This team will be comprised of educators from both in-state and out-of-state. Norton informed the board that there will need to be a special called meeting on April 5, 2016 in order for the board to meet with the external review team. Dr. Norton shared additional details about the process of the review. Dr. Norton also shared with the board results of both parent and student surveys that were completed as a result of the AdvancEd accreditation.
*CommonWealth Lease Agreement
Speaker(s):  Dr. Brian Norton
Discussion:  Dr. Norton reminded the board off the lease agreement with CommonWealth, that was signed in 2013. CommonWealth provides copier machines and servicing to the district. Dr. Norton requested that the current lease agreement with CommonWealth be updated to place two additional copier machines, one at Henry Elementary and the other at Henry County High School.
Director's Report
Speaker(s):  Dr. Brian Norton
Discussion:  Dr. Norton announced the recipients for Teacher of the Year Award for 2015-2016.School winners included: Harrelson - Lauren Nash (Pre K-4) Lakewood- Amber Ryan (5-8) Henry- Lisa Olive (Pre K-4) Henry-Patsy Barrow (5-8) Lakewood- Becky White (Pre K-4) Lakewood-Lisa Ray (5-8) Grove- Jammie Adkisson (9th) HCHS- Kayla Berryhill (10-12) Each school recognized their winners. A committee will be set up and will choose the district winner on January 27, 2016. The district winners will be announced and recognized at the February board meeting. The UTrust mini grant will provide winners with a $500 cash prize. The District winners will also be eligible to advance to the NW Core Region for an opportunity to be selected as the regional Teacher of the Year. Dr. Norton advised that on Thursday,January 28, 2016 the Student Athletic Code of Conduct Committee will meet for the first time. Dr. Norton informed the board that the Calendar Committee, which was developed as a result of PECCA, will meet again this Tuesday on January 26,2016. The proposed 2016-2017 school calendar will be provided at the February board meeting. Dr. Norton discussed the transition into Skyward and reported that it was going well. He encouraged all employees to participate in Helping Hands Educator's Day on January 30, 2016 Dr. Norton announced Graduation Date will be May 20, 2016. He then reminded everyone that the next board meeting will be on February 18th at Harrelson School. Lastly, Dr. Norton acknowledged that School Board Appreciation Week was January 25-29.He thanked the board and read a proclamation presented by the Governor. Board members were presented with a gift as a recognition for their service. Adjourned at 5:45pm.
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