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January 16, 2014 at 5:00 PM - Henry County Board of Education January Meeting

Call to Order
Speaker(s):  Chairman Tom Beasley
Discussion:  Pledge of Allegiance was led by Jim McCampbell. A moment of silence was observed by Doug Braden.
Citizen's Forum
Adoption of Agendas
Adopt & Approve the Consent Agenda
Director's Personnel Report
Board minutes
Nurse's Report
Adopt & Approve the Main Agenda
* Lakewood Middle School, Speech Team Fieldtrip Request - Lexington, KY
Speaker(s):  David Weatherly
Discussion:  Mr. Miles presented details of the requested field trip in Mr. Weatherly's absence.
Speaker(s):  Brian Norton
Discussion:  Mr. Norton presented a summary of the policy that has been proposed for second reading and needs a vote.
3.211 Energy Use and Conservation (Second Reading)
4.606 Graduation Activities (First Reading)
Discussion:  Recommended changes to the policy were discussed by Mr. Brian Norton. Secondary Supervisor of Instruction, Betsy Allison explained other details of the policy.
6.413 Prevention & Treatment of Sports Related Concussions (First Reading)
Discussion:  Mr. Norton explained that the policy changes are being recommended by TSBA due to changes in state code. He informed the board that all parts of this policy are currently being followed by Henry County School System.
6.4081 Safe Relocation of Students (First Reading)
Discussion:  Mr. Norton explained that TSBA recommended this policy based on new law. Mr. Norton informed the board that principals have been made aware of the change in law. Mr. Miles reminded the board that that School Resource Officers are present in all schools.
Patriot Pride Design Recognition
Speaker(s):  Dr. Susan Burton
Discussion:  Dr. Susan Burton introduced and thanked Mrs. Angela Yearry, HCHS Business Teacher and HCHS Senior, Whitney Rawls for their design and publication of the Henry County School System Christmas Card.
Student Management System
Speaker(s):  Mr. Charles Cate
Discussion:  Mr. Miles explained the status of the current student management system. It was discussed that the State gave the choice of 5 products for all school systems within TN. Assistant Attendance Director, Mr. Charles Cate presented information regarding the student management system that was selected by Henry County Schools, called Edupoint. Mr. Cate further discussed the details of the system. Mr. Miles explained the options for the cost of the program. The board was presented with two options for funding both of which split the cost over a 6 year period. A copy of funding options are included in board minutes. Mr. Miles asked that one time funds be used to pay for the program. Cost details were discussed among the board. Mr. Miles recommended funding the system using Option 2 which proposes to pay the implementation cost of the program within the first year, 2013-2014. The total cost of Edupoint will be $81,650. Details of the system were discussed by the board including a question regarding student ID badges.
* Verizon Lease Agreement
Speaker(s):  Mr. Sam Miles
Discussion:  Mr. Miles reminded the board of the negotiations with Verizon Wireless that has been ongoing for the past several months. Verizon approached the district about placing a cell phone tower on the property of Henry County High School near the concession stand at the football field. Mr. Miles provided a copy of the lease agreement to board members. The terms of the lease were discussed as were the amount, time frame, land and location. Robert Sleadd requested that an attorney review the agreement again before anything is signed. Mr. Frey asked that there be no sub leases and that it be stated in the agreement. Mr. Miles will bring the agreement before the board at the next meeting.
* TSBA Bus Resolution
Speaker(s):  Mr. Sam Miles
Discussion:  Mr. Miles explained the purpose of the proposed resolution. He stated that this would not effect Henry County School System since our buses typically have high mileage after 17 years of service. Mr. Miles reminded the board that our district attempts to rotate buses after 10 years of service.
Update on Storm Safe Projects
Speaker(s):  Mr. John Akers
Discussion:  Mr. Akers explained that the Lakewood Storm Safe Project had officially been closed out. He stated that alot had been learned from that project that would help as they move forward with the projects at Harrelson and Henry. Bid openings at both Harrelson and Henry will take place over the next week. Mr. Akers explained that the Harrelson and Henry project are currently one week ahead of schedule compared to Lakewood project at this point last year.
Differentiated Pay Plan
Speaker(s):  Mr. Sam Miles
Discussion:  Mr. Miles discussed some of the items that were discussed at the last meeting with differentiated pay plan committee. He reminded the board that pay increases can no longer be given based solely on years of service and degrees. Mr. Miles informed the board that Henry County School System has already met the requirements set forth by the Department of Education regardless if any changes are made. Miles stated that he would continue to update the board on the topic.
Director's Report
Speaker(s):  Mr. Sam Miles
Discussion:  1. County Attorney - Mr. Miles informed the board of the resignation of Lee Greer from County Attorney. A selection committee has been formed by the county and Mr. Miles has been a part of that committee. Miles recommends that the school system use the same attorney at the county if at all possible. However, if the county does not select someone that will meet our needs of Henry County School System then our board may decide at that time to select a different candidate. The County Commission has set February 18th to appoint a new attorney. Mr. Miles will continue to update the board. 2. TSBA Day on the Hill, February 18th - Chairman Beasley informed the board that TSBA Day on the Hill would be February 18th. Mr. Miles also informed the board that he would be in Nashville with the Tennessee Organization of School Superintendents to meet with lobbyist the week prior to TSBA's Day on the Hill. If any board member would like to attend they will notify board secretary for registration. 3. Graduation Date - Mr. Miles informed the board that a 200 day calendar had been approved previously. That calendar was approved based on 200 days with 10 of those being vacation and 180 being days of instruction. School events such as graduation, athletics, etc are set by school administrators. However, the local newspaper published a graduation date that had not yet been set by administrators. The date published was May 23rd and the actual date of graduation will be May 30th. Mr. Miles explained the rationale for changing graduation date as being a later school start time than ever before and more rigorous testing schedule. Mrs. Betsy Allison discussed the testing schedule which includes 14 state or national testing dates from May 1st - May 23rd. Therefore, there will be no abbreviated day on May 23rd as published in the newspaper since that abbreviated day was only there for to prepare graduation. Instead May 23rd will become a full day. HCHS staff will work an administrative day on the 30th to prepare for graduation. 4. Helping Hand Educator's Day - Mr. Miles reminded the board and those in attendance that Saturday, January 18th is Educator's Day on the Helping Hand Radio Auction. 5. Board Appreciation Week - Mr. Miles recognized and thanked all board members for serving on the school board. He informed members that they would be invited by one of the schools within the district to come out visit during the week of TSBA Board Appreciation week. He also announced that $100 was donated to Plus Endowment in the board's honor by the staff of Henry School. Adjourned at 6:05pm
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