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December 12, 2013 at 5:00 PM - December Henry County Board of Education Meeting

Call to Order
Speaker(s):  Chairman Tom Beasley
Discussion:  Pledge of Allegiance was led by Jim McCampbell. A moment of silence was observed by Doug Braden.
Citizen's Forum
Adoption of Agendas
Adopt & Approve the Consent Agenda
Director's Personnel Report
Budget Amendments
Budget Amendment 141-10
Budget Amendment 141-11
Budget Amendment 143 Central Cafeteria Fund
Special Education Contracts
Adopt & Approve the Main Agenda
Speaker(s):  Brian Norton
Discussion:  Assistant Director of Schools, Brian Norton presented information on policies.
5.305 Family & Medical Leave (Second Reading)
3.211 Energy Use and Conservation (First Reading)
Director's Report
Speaker(s):  Mr. Sam Miles
Discussion:  1. Student Management System Mr. Miles updated the board regarding a change in the student management system. He explained that our system is waiting approval from the state department for a new vendor. Once that is approved he would be asking the board for consideration in changing student management systems. Mr. Miles will continue to update the board. 2. Family Resource Center Resolution Mr. Miles explained that FRC is faced with budget challenges each year. In an effort to show support, he will ask that the County Commission adopt a resolution which asks that State Senate and House of Representatives to restore funding to all FRC's across the state. 3. TSBA Bus Resolution Mr. Miles explained a sample resolution that TSBA is recommending for board's to adopt. The resolution is regarding the retiring of buses. Mr. Miles stated that he would like an opportunity to discuss the resolution with Transportation Supervisor, Lynn Brown. More on the resolution will be presented at next month's meeting. 4. January Board Meeting Due to the holiday schedule and not starting back to school until January 6th, Mr. Miles proposed to move the January Board meeting to Thursday, January 16th at 5pm. All members were in agreement. 5. Verizon Tower Mr. Miles stated that Verizon Wireless had approached him several months ago regarding placing a tower on school property. He has discussed the proposal with building and grounds committee members as well as John Akers. He stated that he would bring the written proposal before the board next month. 6. Differentiated Pay Play Meeting Mr. Miles explained that the state passed a new rule which states that districts can no longer design a pay plan based solely upon years of service and degrees. We have formed a committee to look at our present pay plan and explore areas of interest as we meet the requirements of the new rule. The first meeting will be held on Monday, December 16th at 3:30pm. Any board members are invited to attend. Mr. Miles will continue to update the board on the progress of the meetings. Adjourn at 5:09pm
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