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March 16, 2012 at 12:00 PM - Henry County Board of Education March Meeting

Call to Order
Speaker(s):  Chairman Reimold
Discussion:  Pledge of Allegiance led by Jim McCampbell. Moment of silence led by Doug Braden.
Citizen's Forum
Adoption of Agendas
Adopt & Approve the Consent Agenda
February 9, 2012 Board Minutes
Budget Amendments
EESI Grant
Director's Personnel Report
Nurse's Report
Adopt & Approve the Main Agenda
Old Business
Storm Safe Shelters
Speaker(s):  Sam Miles
Discussion:  Nothing new to report.
Paris-Henry County Ministerial Association
Speaker(s):  Kenneth Humphrey & James Travis
Discussion:  Kenneth Humphreys read a proclomation in appreciation of the Henry County School System showing support for the Martin Luther King, Jr. day celebrations throughout Henry County.
Out of State Fieldtrip Requests
HCHS Madrigals
Speaker(s):  Blair Chadwick
Discussion:  Blair Chadwick presented information regarding the proposal for HCHS Madrigals to attend the Festival of Gold in New York City.
Speaker(s):  Michael Nelson
Discussion:  Michael Nelson presented information regarding the fieldtrip request for the band to preform in Washington D.C.
2012-2013 School Calendar
Speaker(s):  Dr. Stacy Byrd & Mr. Sam Miles
Discussion:  Dr. Byrd presented information regarding the calendar for the 2012-2013 school year. Mr. Miles explained that the details of the calendar had been very difficult due to Henry County observing the Fish Fry and the TCAP testing window issued by the State. Mr. Milees gave the board a copy of a waiver that was granted from the Commissioner of the Department of Education for the 2012-2013 school year only.
Update from TSBA Day on the Hill
Speaker(s):  Chairman Reimold
Discussion:  Chairman Reimold discussed the Day on the Hill event that was attended by Director Miles and Vice-Chairman Beasley. A list of bills, representatives and senators in the state of TN were given to all board members. Chairman Reimold discussed the support from our district representatives regarding the FRC. Becky Holland gave information on a report that was submitted to legislators that showed data from northwest family resource centers.
High School Cross Country Team
Speaker(s):  Sam Miles
Discussion:  Director Miles discussed that Athletic Director, Mike Poteete had proposed to begin a Cross County Team at the High School level. Mr. Miles reminded the board that a County-Wide Middle School Cross Country Team had been started last year and was coached by Lance Winders. Mr. Poteete supplied the board with numbers of students who were possibly interested in participating in the sport at the High School level as well as a proposed schedule. Mr. Miles also informed the board that the start-up for the sport would be minimal.
Policy (first reading)
Speaker(s):  Sam Miles & Dr. Stacy Byrd
4.603 Promotion & Retention
Speaker(s):  Sam Miles & Dr. Stacy Byrd
Discussion:  Mr. Miles explained that he and Dr. Byrd had been reviewing this policy with administrators in the disrict since last month. Dr. Byrd reviewed the specific changes to the recommended policy revision. No motion was necessary on the first reading of the policy.
Director's Report
Speaker(s):  Sam Miles
TNRMT - Workers' Compensation
Speaker(s):  Sam Miles
Discussion:  Mr. Miles gave the board a handout regarding a 5 year comparrison on worker's comp rates. He pointed the large reduction in workers comp claims this year. Mr. Miles also informed the board that the Chairman typically appoints someone within the county serve on the TNRMT board. This year's nominee will remain the same as it has in year's past. The board agreed that County Mayor, Brent Greer had represented the county well on the TNRMT Board of Trustees.
Family Resource Center
Speaker(s):  Sam Miles
Discussion:  Mr. Miles supplied the board with data that was prepared by FRC staff.
SCOPE Conference Update
Speaker(s):  Sam Miles
Discussion:  Mr. Miles discussed that Leigh Baker and students would be at the next board meeting to present information on the SCOPE conference that was attended. Chairman Reimold asked that the High School supply a nomination for student of the year that is awarded by TSBA. She pointed out that no student was nominated last year from the northwest region.
Purchasing new buses
Speaker(s):  Sam Miles
Discussion:  $253,512.00 was the total cost of purchasing 3 Cumberland International buses. The buses are 66 passenger with air and 4 camera survelliance system. If approximately $38,000 more money is found in the budget then another bus will be funded.
PECCA Update
Speaker(s):  Sam Miles
Discussion:  Mr. Miles stated that the teachers did elect to have collaborative conferencing this year. Two seven member teams will be trained for conferencing/negotiations. Mr. Miles stated that typically the director would appoint a seven member team to represent the board. The board agreed that they would move forward with that process this year.
Camp Hazlewood Project
Speaker(s):  Sam Miles
Discussion:  The Camp Hazlewood Project has been expanded to include Harrelson students along with Lakewood students. The project ties into all standards.
TEAM Evaluation Model and Training
Speaker(s):  Sam Miles
Discussion:  Mr. Miles stated that the TEAM model has been successful due to the collaboration between administrators and teachers. There are several different groups that are studying the effects of the teacher evaluation system. This summer, all evaluators will be re-trained. As of now teacher scores will be available on April 20th.
TN transition to Common Core
Speaker(s):  Sam Miles
Discussion:  Math teachers in grades 3-8 will attend a training this summer and they will then bring back information to present to the rest of the district. A power point was supplied to the board members which shows the difference in the new standards. Training is being provided from Pearson to Dr. Wade and Ms. Hudgins on common core so that they can have a more in depth knowledge of the standards.
High School Completion Options
Speaker(s):  Sam Miles & Dr. Stacy Byrd
Discussion:  Mr. Miles gave his recommendation for the board to approve the proposed process. He emphasized that students participation in this program would rely soley upon the recommendation of the director or his designee(s). Meeting ajourned at 1:10pm
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