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August 16, 2016 at 5:30 PM - August Regular Monthly Board Meeting

Call to Order
Moment of Silence
Pledge of Allegiance
Opening Remarks
Approval of Agenda
Minutes from July 19, 2016 Regular Monthly Meeting
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Overnight and/or Out-of-State Trip Requests
Cascade FFA - Indianapolis, IN - National Convention
Local Agriculture Products Compliance Plan
Rationale:  This compliance plan is to ensure that the school nutrition program will make efforts to allow local agriculture suppliers the opportunity to bid through a flexible bidding process on portions of a bid, rather than the entire bid as long as food provided meets or exceeds food safety standards.
Consolidated School Health MOU
MOU between State of Tn Benefits Admin and Local LEAs
Rationale:  This is the MOU with the state for all LEAs participating in the state's insurance plans.
2015-16 Civil Rights and Bullying Compliance Report
SACP Summer Program - Sheree Floyd
3 Star Grant - Betty Thames
Policy Revisions

We have conducted an extensive audit of the personnel section of policies.  Many of the changes are simply legal reference updates where Tennessee Code Annotated may have been added after a Public Chapter was approved or subsections were added for clarity or a state board policy was added, etc.  These legal reference changes are included as an FYI in other business on your agenda as they did not change the actual policy itself.

Some of the suggested policy revisions in this section are due to recent legislative changes, federal rules & regs or changes in TSBA model policies. Some are simply to freshen old language such as making a move to refer to classified personnel as support personnel.  

Clean-up - Policy 5.102-Classifications & Qualifications
Rationale:  Legal references and terminology referring to classified personnel have been updated.
Clean-up - Policy 5.105 - Recruitment of Employees
Rationale:  Cleanup of language and to add TCA reference.
Clean-up - Policy 5.110 - Compensation Guides & Contracts
Rationale:  This is a clean-up due to changes in the legal references.
Clean-up - Policy 5.114 - Personnel Records
Rationale:  This is a refresh to update legal references and modifying language accordingly.
Clean-up - Policy 5.1141 - Teacher Effect Data
Rationale:  This is a clean-up due to legal references that changed.
Clean-up - Policy 5.116 - Staff Positions
Rationale:  TCA was updated and language clarified or stricken to freshen the policy.  
Clean-up - Policy 5.202 - Suspension/Dismissal of Non-Certified Employees
Rationale:  This is a clean-up to reflect that non-certified personnel are considered "at-will" employees.  
Clean-up - Policy 5.204 - Resignation
Rationale:  Legal references were updated and language cleaned-up.
Clean-up - Policy 5.205 - Retirement
Rationale:  This is an oversight correction to reflect a change that should have taken place in 2012 when other policies such as for substitute teachers was updated to change days form 100 to 120 that retired employees may work under TCRS without loss of retirement benefit.
Clean-up - Policy 5.303 - Personal and Professional Leave
Rationale:  Legal reference for TCA has been updated and appropriate language to reflect the update.
Clean-up - Policy 5.401 - Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome
Rationale:  Legal reference and cross reference have been updated.  Language has been refreshed.
Clean-up - Policy 5.500 - Discrimination/Harassment of Employees
Rationale:  This is to add the Title IX Coordinator as we need to have two complaint managers established in the policy.
Clean-up - Policy 5.607 - Non-School Employment
Rationale:  Language clean-up
Clean-up - Policy 5.700 - Interim Employees
Rationale:  Legal reference for correct TCA was added and language updated to reflect this.
Clean-up - Policy 5.701 - Substitute Teachers
Rationale:  This is a clean-up for clarification and to reflect updates on legal references.
Clean-up - Policy 5.702 - Student Teachers
Rationale:  This is to refresh the language and legal references to reflect TSBA model policy.
Clean-up - Policy 5.801 - School Superintendent Recruitment & Selection
Rationale:  Legal references were updated and language refreshed accordingly.
Revision - Policy 5.107 - Orientation & Probation
Rationale:  This is to update terminology regarding classified personnel and the superintendent recommends changing the probationary period from sixty (60) to ninety (90) days.
Revision - Policy 5.108- Supervision
Rationale:  The Superintendent recommends the attached revision.  Nothing in state law requires the added paragraph in yellow, however it was added to TSBA's model policy so that districts would know that while the law is silent on the issue, this reporting is something they can require.  This helps the district meet any potential reporting requirements with either the state board of education or law enforcement authorities.
Revision - Policy 5.115 - Assignment/Transfer
Rationale:  The Board had suspended this policy on legal advice during the time when dates kept changing in the legislature.  The superintendent recommends to reinstate the policy with the updates shown.
Revision - Policy 5.305 - Family and Medical Leave
Rationale:  This revision is to more accurately reflect the Federal FMLA regulations.  The first change replaces the word "or" with the word "and", which is consistent with federal law and regulations.  The second change addresses the ability to use up to 26 weeks of FMLA for specific reasons.  This provision would only apply in a limited set of circumstances.  The ability to take state leave in certain situations is also addressed and finally this change clarifies the amount of time spouses may take leave if they are both employed by the school district.
Revision - Policy 5.301 - Emergency and Legal Leave
Rationale:  This revision contains legal reference changes and clean-up to better reflect TSBA's model policy which was recently updated to modify language on jury duty for more clarity.
Revision - Policy 5.304 - Long-Term Leaves of Absence for Professional Personnel
Rationale:  Legal references for TCA were added to this policy and language to reflect the updates.  If the Board approves the new policy on Sabbatical Leave, then redundant language should be stricken in this policy as show and a cross reference added for the new policy.  
New - Policy 5.308 - Sabbatical Leave
Rationale:  Leave for educational improvements is mentioned in the Long Term Leaves of Absence policy, but TSBA suggests we have a separate policy for Sabbatical Leave.  The Superintendent recommends adoption of this policy.
Revision - Policy 5.403 - Drug & Alcohol Testing for Employees
Rationale:  This is a major revision to reflect recommended model policy and best practices.  
Revision - Policy 5.606 - Political Activities
Rationale:  This revision is to add a TCA legal reference and update the policy accordingly.  Additionally, it is being suggested to update the name of the policy from Staff-Community Relations to Political Activities and other modifications to refresh this policy. 
Bid 17-2 - Substitute Teacher Management System
Rationale:  The Superintendent recommends the low bid from WillSub.
Title III Immigrant Budget
Rationale:  This is a one year grant and funds will be used to purchase Imagine Learning Language Acquisition Program.
July Monthly Financial Report
Monthly Tax Analysis
Monthly Expenditures Report
Executive Committee Report
Declarations of Surplus Property
Portable 6 Surplus
SCHS Annex Surplus
Superintendent's Report
Acknowledge Special Programs & Achievements
FYI - Legal Reference Updates to Policy
Rationale:  For Your Information - These are the policies where only the legal reference was updated.
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