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September 17, 2020 at 1:30 PM - Student Affairs Committee

Call to Order
Roll Call/Declaration of a Quorum
Action Item
A. Consideration of the Title IX Compliance Emergency Rule
Speaker(s):  Corey Harkey
Background Information:  State entities are required to promulgate rules and regulations when the subject of those rules and regulations affects the rights of third parties, including student due process. The Federal Government recently articulated new regulations under Title IX related to the investigation and due process requirements involving sexual harassment. The new Title IX regulations went into effect on August 14, 2020.  The attached rule will be filed as an emergency rule and mirrors the recently effective federal regulations.  

The rule also requires approval by the attorney general and the secretary of state, and will be reviewed by the Government Operations Committee of the Tennessee General Assembly. The promulgation process is enumerated in the Tennessee Uniform Procedures Act at T.C.A. § 4-5-201, et. seq.
Proposed Implementation Date: At the conclusion of the rule promulgation process.

Item Details: See attachment.
Attachments: (1)
Information Item
Speaker(s):  Dr. Eric Norman
Background Information:  A. Covid-19 Procedures
Description:  This is an information item. No action taken. 
A. COVID-19 Procedures
Speaker(s):  Dr. Eric Norman
Background Information:  As a result of COVID-19, many of the standardized Student Affairs practices and systems needed to be modified. Sample collection and testing was initiated, social distancing and delivery methods were introduced in conjunction with quarantine room and operational changes while using social distancing practices and remote programming. Tracking systems and follow-up care was developed from existing CARE procedures and specialized for COVID-related issues. 
Item Details:
Information will be presented on the COVID-19 testing at Boyd Health Services, Housing/Residence Life & Dining Services protocols for isolation, programming and the care team.
B. Code of Conduct Revision
Speaker(s):  Dr. Eric Norman
Background Information:  The Code of Student Conduct ( serves as a remediation process for behavior that occurs in relation to APSU's operations and activities. It hosts the violations, procedures and sanction outcomes for all offenses (academic and non-academic). To better reflect the educational mission of the process, the Code of Student and Student Organization Disciplinary Policies (Code of Student Conduct) will be reviewed and revised as necessary to reflect this developmental approach. Any substantive revisions will be brought to the Board of Trustees to vote on the recommended changes after it is sent through the Office of Legal Affairs.
Description:  Proposed Implementation Date: Fall 2021

Item Details:
The Code of Student Conduct has not had any significant updates since 2017. The existing code uses legalistic language that does not reflect the philosophy of practice in its current state. For example, the Code uses the term "disciplinary action" rather than "accountability." It also refers to "information" as "evidence." It is with this lens that a review will be facilitated with the intent to focus on the educational process that is utilized. The review will also ensure that the policies and procedures are clearly written and updated with the current Association for Student Conduct Administration guidance.    
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