August 10, 2017 at 5:30 PM - Bradley County Board of Education Regular Meeting

1. Call to Order - Chairman Dillard
2. Invocation - Dr. Mark Williams, Pastor, North Cleveland Church of God
3. Pledge to Flag
4. Consent Agenda
4.a. Meeting Agenda
4.b. Minutes
4.c. Bids
4.c.1. Roof Replacement Bid for Black Fox, Charleston and Walker Valley.
4.d. Policy Review
4.d.1. Policy 1.407 - School District Records - 2nd reading
4.d.2. Policy 2.703 - Audits - 2nd reading
4.d.3. Policy 3.202 - Emergency Preparedness Plan - 2nd reading
4.d.4. Policy 5.200(BCS) 5.201(TSBA) - Separation Practices for NON-TENURED Teachers - 2nd reading
4.d.5. Policy 5.201(BCS) 5.200(TSBA) - Separation Practices for TENURED Teachers - 2nd reading
4.d.6. Policy 5.203 - Non-Renewal(BCS) Recommendations and File Transfers (TSBA) - 2nd reading
4.d.7. Policy 5.600 - Staff Rights & Responsibilities - 2nd reading
4.d.8. Policy 5.701 - Substitute Teachers - 2nd reading
4.e. Bus Route Transfers
4.e.1. Bus Route Transfer #30
4.e.2. Bus Route Transfer #12
4.f. Budget Amendment
4.f.1. Fund 177 (Education Capital Projects) for Lake Forest Middle School Construction Project
4.f.2. Bank Account per TCA 66-34-104 - Tricon, Inc contract on LFMS project
4.g. Health Science Classes at Middle School
4.h. Field Trips
4.h.1. WVHS-Tybee Island, GA
4.h.2. WVHS-Burghausen, Germany
5. Persons Requesting to Address the Board on Agenda Items
6. Director of Schools Report
6.a. Leadership Academy at Valley View Elem School - Corey Limburg, Principal
7. Request for the Board to give authority to the Director of Schools to enter into lease negotiations with proposed tenants to the PIE Innovation Center.
8. Request for the Board to give the Director of Schools authority to enter into a lease agreement for GOAL Academy to temporarily be housed at the Westmore Church of God property.
9. PIE Innovation Center Architect recommendation
10. Policy Review - Vicki Beaty
10.a. Policy 2.800 - Expenditure of Funds - 1st reading
10.b. Policy 2.803 - Salary Deductions - 1st reading
10.c. Policy 5.117 - Teacher Tenure - 1st reading
10.d. Policy 5.501 - Complaints and Grievances - 1st reading
10.e. Policy 6.402 - Physical Examinations and Immunizations - 1st reading
11. Insurance Committee - Rodney Dillard
12. Announcements - The Board will attend the TSBA Fall District meeting on Thursday, September 14th. So, the September Board meeting has been moved to Tuesday, September 12th at 5:30pm. There will be no work session during September.
13. Agenda Items for the Next Board Meeting
14. Adjournment - Chairman Dillard
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