May 5, 2016 at 4:00 PM - Bradley County Board of Education Regular Meeting

1. Call to Order - Chris Turner, Chairman
2. Invocation - Pastor Kelvin Page, Westmore Church of God
3. Pledge to Flag - Hopewell Students
4. Presentation by Students from Hopewell Elementary School
5. Presentation by Students from GOAL Academy
6. Consent Agenda
6.a. Meeting Agenda
6.b. Minutes
6.c. Field Trips
6.c.1. BCHS 9th Grade Girls Wellness, Bodies Exhibit, Atlanta, GA, May 12, 2016
6.c.2. BCHS Skills USA-Broadcasting, Louisville, KY, June 20-24, 2016
6.c.3. BCHS Student Council and Chemistry Class, Six Flags, GA, May 25, 2016
6.c.4. BCHS and WVHS Pathways Bradley Students, Atlanta, GA, June 10, 2016
6.d. Bids
6.e. Policy
6.e.1. Section 6 (6.100-6.319) Students 2nd reading
6.f. BOC Approval for Submission of Grant Proposals
6.g. Food Service Budget
7. Persons Requesting to Address the Board on Agenda Items
8. Director of Schools Report
8.a. The Director's View Editor Second Semester - Joeli Poole, Walker Valley High School
9. Student School Board Representatives from BCHS and WVHS - Amanda Lee
10. Energy Systems Group Update - Johnny Mull
11. CTE Special Course - Arlette Robinson
12. CTE Budget - Arlette Robinson
13. FY17 Consolidated Application Budget - Terri Murray
14. Special Course Approval - ACT Prep Pilot - Danny Coggin
15. Janitorial Bid
16. Bathrooms for PK Classes at Michigan Ave - Scott Humberd
17. 2016-17 Budget
18. Valley View School Mascot - Amanda Lee
19. Policy 5.203 - Non-Renewal 1st reading
20. Policy 5.302 - Sick Leave 1st Reading
21. Director's Evaluation
22. Agenda Items for June and Announcements
23. Adjournment - Chairman Turner
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