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January 2, 2017 at 6:00 PM - Regular Board of Education Meeting

I. Call to Order
II. Pledge of Allegiance and Program
III. Approval of Agenda
IV. Special Reports/Presentations
IV.A. Good News
IV.B. Studio 4
IV.C. Blankenship Revitalization and MOU
V. Public Forum
VI. Consent Agenda
VI.A. Board Minutes: 11-28-16
VII. Items for Action
VII.A. Election of Board Chairman
VII.B. Election of Board Vice Chairman
VII.C. Election of TLN Representative
VII.D. Blankenship MOU
Attachments: (1)
VII.E. Board Policy 2.601 Fundraising Activities - Second Reading
Attachments: (1)
  • 12/9/2016 at 12:01 PM
VII.F. Board Policy 3.500 Food Service Management - First Reading
Attachments: (1)
VII.G. Board Policy 4.700 Testing Programs - Second Reading
Attachments: (1)
VII.H. Board Policy 5.305 Family and Medical Leave - First Reading
Attachments: (1)
VII.I. Board Policy 6.505 Students in Foster Care - Second Reading
Attachments: (1)
  • 12/13/2016 at 1:13 PM
VII.J. FY'17 Budget Amendment #1 - Second Reading
Attachments: (1)
VII.K. New High School Courses for 2016-2017
Attachments: (1)
VII.L. Preschool Education Coordinator
Attachments: (1)
VII.M. Jefferson Middle School 8th Grade Field Trip to Williamsburg, VA
Attachments: (1)
VII.N. Purchase of Elementary School Teacher Laptops
VIII. Items for Information
VIII.A. Financial Report
Attachments: (1)
VIII.B. Superintendent Evaluation
IX. Items for Discussion
X. Old Business
XI. New Business
XII. Communications
XIII. Adjournment
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