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August 8, 2019 at 5:00 PM - Henry County School System Board Meeting

1. Call to Order
Discussion:  Board member, Rod Frey, led the Pledge of Allegiance.

Board member, Jim McCampbell, led the Moment of Silence. 
2. Citizen's Forum
3. Board Member Forum
Discussion:  Madam Chairman, Jill Coker, stated that a Facilities & Grounds Committee would need to hold a meeting to discuss signage. This relates to the newly dedicated theater, field house, and football field.

Meeting confirmed: Wednesday, August 14, 2019 at 1:00 PM at the Henry County Board of Education.
4. Adopt & Approve the Consent Agenda
4.1. Director's Personnel Report
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4.2. Board Minutes
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4.3. Nurse's Report
4.4. General Purpose Monthly Financial Report
4.5. TCAT Contract
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5. Adopt & Approved the Main Agenda
5.1. Introduction of Student Representative
Speaker(s):  Dr. Michele Webb
Discussion:  Henry County High School Principal, Dr. Michele Webb, informed that Board that the 2019-2020 Student Representative selected was  Mr. Carson Nelson.

Dr. Webb reminded the board that Mr. Nelson attended the SCOPE Conference two consecutive years, as both a sophomore and Junior, and showed interest shortly after his first convention in becoming the Student Representative his senior year.

Mr. Carson spoke briefly about himself  and informed the board that after graduation he plans to pursue a degree in Political Science with a minor in journalism. 
5.2. Read to be Ready Camp Presentation
Speaker(s):  Mr. David Kibbler
Discussion:  Henry School Principal, Mr. David Kibbler, along with two teachers presented an update to the board regarding the schools Read to be Ready Summer Camp. The theme this year was "Tennessee & Me" inspired by Foxfire Books. Students participated in several "hands on" activities which included; churnning butter, making homemade soap, and preparing homemade peach preserves.

Thirty students participated in the sixteen-day program and were able to take home twenty-five books once the program ended.

Mr. Kibbler thanked the board for the continued opportunity for this summer program and stated that he hopes the success of it continues in the future. 
5.3. *Budget Amendment
Speaker(s):  Dr. Leah Watkins
Discussion:  Director of Schools, Dr. Leah Watkins, presented an amendment to the current budget. 

The amendment requested to put aside closeout funds from the previous school year into the facilities budget. 

*Motion passed.
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5.4. Policy:4.600-Grading System ( First Reading)
Speaker(s):  Dr. Lea
Discussion:  Director of Schools, Dr. Leah Watkins, presented the proposed changes to current Board Policy:4.600-Grading System for First Reading.

These proposed changes are recommended by TSBA. 

She asked that each board member take time to review the proposed changes and will be discussed again at the next meeting.
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5.5. *New Position Opening at Lakewood School
Speaker(s):  Dr. Leah Watkins
Discussion:  Director of Schools, Dr. Leah Watkins, announced the new position opening at Lakewood School. Dr. Watkins asked the Board to approved the position so that both Art/Agriculture classes would be available for eight-graders at Lakewood School. All three middle schools would now be eligible to have FFA Clubs as well and potenitally earn an Art I credit before high school. 

Dr. Watkins informed the board that the existing budget would allow for the new hire at Lakewood and schedules would be reworked to allow for the new classes.

*Motion Passed.
5.6. *Attorney Raise Request
Speaker(s):  Dr. Leah Watkins
Discussion:  Director of School, Dr. Leah Watkins, informed the Board that she along with Madam Chairman,  Mrs.Jill Coker, had been in contact with Board Attorney, Mr. Rob Whitfield regarding the current School Board Attorney Agreement. 

Madam Chair read aloud the proposal submitted to her from Mr. Whitfield regarding his request to increase his compensation. Mr. Whitfield is currently held on a $1,800.00 retainer. The options proposed were to either raise his retainer to $3,000.00 and bill extra as needed, or keep the current retainer and stop requiring his presence at every meeting. Under the second option, he would apply the standard $200.00 an hour rate from the $1,800.00 until the retainer was at a $0.00 balance, at which point he would bill for additional hours.

*Board Tabled the Item for Review
6. Madam Chairman Report
Speaker(s):  Mrs. Jill Coker
Discussion:  Madam Chairman, Mrs. Jill Coker, reminded the board members that the annual Fall District Meeting is quickly approaching and will be on Tuesday,September 24, 2019. 

She stated that Board Secretary, Christy Thompson, would send out a reminder and information on travel arrangements.
7. Director's Report
Speaker(s):  Dr. Leah Watkins
Discussion:  Director of Schools, Dr. Leah Watkins, stated that the 2019-2020 school year was off to a great start. She had the opportunity to attend several events throughout the week that showcased several students throughout the district at the County Fair and would do so again tonight at the  4-H Junior Livestock Show.

She advised the Board that there will be a Paris-Henry County Forum called Positively Paris that will take place on September 24, 2019 at Paris-Elementary School. This is a community event and she hopes everyone can attend.

In closing, Mr. O'dell Long, a custodian at Henry County High School asked that Dr. Watkins take the time to tour the high school and speak with the contractors about unnecessary messes that are being left from the other parties during the renovation projects that are occurring on campus. He stated that they can do better to clean up after themselves. 
8. *Adjourn
Discussion:  *Meeting Adjourned-5:51 p.m.
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