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November 9, 2017 at 5:00 PM - November Board Meeting

Call to Order
Citizen's Forum
Discussion:  Community member, Patricia Robinson, addressed the board regarding her feelings towards the current cell phone policy that is in place for the district. She stated her concerns and ask the board to review this policy, simply as it is outdated.
Adopt & Approve the Consent Agenda
Director's Personnel Report
Board Minutes
Budget Amendments
General Purpose Monthly Financial Report
LEA Compliance Report
Surplus Sale
Adopt & Approve the Main Agenda
*Granting of Tenure: Recommendations by the Director of Schools
Speaker(s):  Dr. Brain Norton

Dr. Norton provided the board with his recommendation for twelve teachers throughout the district that met the qualifications for tenure. Those recommended:


Harrelson School:

Ms.Lindsay Crane

Ms. Amanda Albritten

Ms. Melissa Chambers

Henry School:

Ms. Amy Williams

Ms. Angie Cook

Ms. Robin House

Ms. Jana Bruce

Ms. Valerie Guthrie

Lakewood School:

Ms.Carrie Burns

Mr.Ben Burkhart

Ms.Dana Lamkin

E.W. Grove:

Mr. Jamie Osbron

The Board accepted Dr. Norton's recommendation and tenure was granted to each individual listed. 



Harrelson School Report
Speaker(s):  Ms. Maria Cox

Harrelson Principal, Maria Cox, welcomed the board to Harrelson School and introduced Lisa Hart to present the school improvement plan. Ms. Hart stated that four focus areas had been identified to help improve the school's vision: math, reading, chronic absenteeism, and school culture.

Additional members of the improvement committee talked about some of the things being implemented on a school level to achieve improvements in those focus areas.

Teacher, Ruben Adams, closed the report by informing the board of robotics and mobile app design courses in addition to the students 90 minutes of PE. He told the board that it is incredible to see what the students are doing so far with these courses.

Mrs. Cox thanked the board for their continued to support and said that she looks for forward to the great things happening at Harrelson School.

Facilities Update
Speaker(s):  Mr. John Akers

Mr. John Akers, Maintenance Supervisor, provided the board with a Facilities & Grounds update.

Mr. Akers informed the board that work is coming along on the Transportation building including some of the roof being on and hopefully it would be completed shortly after Thanksgiving. Afterwards, they will put in the roll in doors and enclose everything.

The order has been placed for the Maintenance building and price is now locked in. 

The softball bleachers are out for bid and due next week and the concrete pad for the bleachers has been poured. Work should finish up in the next couple of weeks.

Lastly, Mr. Akers is working with a couple of companies on hand rails for Patriot Stadium and should have that issue resolved soon.


Speaker(s):  Dr. Brian Norton

Policy 1.407: School District Records (First Reading)
Speaker(s):  Dr. Brian Norton

Dr. Norton provided a copy of the current board policy along with the proposed revision. 

The board will review the policy and finalize their decision next month when the Second Reading is presented.

Policy 5.801-Director of Schools Recruitment and Selection (First Reading)
Speaker(s):  Dr. Brian Norton

Dr. Norton provided a copy of the current board policy along with the proposed revision. 

The board will review the policy and finalize their decision next month when the Second Reading is presented.

District Accountability Status
Speaker(s):  Dr. Brian Norton

Mr. Daniel Armstrong, Director of Professional Learning and Middle Grade Instruction, spoke on District Accountability data and how the state looks at four areas: participation, achievement data, growth, and subgroup performance.

The system met all participation benchmarks which is 95%. Mr. Armstrong informed the board that achievement data reports what percent of students are at or above grade level.

Strong areas as a district are: ACT scores (which put the district in the top 20%) along with middle school science and English. Henry County showed growth in high school science, ACT, and 7th and 8th grad English Language Arts.

Mr. Armstrong told the board that although the district is shown as "progressive" in several areas, the district overall was categorized as "needs improvement".

Dr. Norton informed the board that the district had been warned of the possibility of dropping under the new standards. He stated, "we've taken a punch after this first year of accountability" but he feels confident if we continue to do what we are doing, we will get stronger, and meet the standards.




Director's Report
Speaker(s):  Dr. Brian Norton

Dr. Norton asked that Pierce Rose, Board Student Representative,  update the board on the high school speech and debate teams. Mr. Rose provided an update by reading a letter from Ms. Linda Miller that informed the board of the current accomplishments and rankings of each participant along with all special distinctions.

Mr. Rose also shared with the board what student government had been doing at Henry County High School. Comment cards had been passed out to students asking students to voice concerns or simply ask a question. Among one of the most discussed topics was the request to re-evaluate the current cell phone policy.

Dr. Norton thanked Mr. Rose for the information and stated that additional discussions would be held in the future regarding these concerns.

Dr. Norton stated to the board that the literacy council is wanting to become active again and they are working to establish a reading program for 2nd graders that involves the council and community. The program is Team Read and are currently looking for volunteers to come and read one hour per week and help a couple of students with reading. Dr. Norton told the board that he would like to get this program running in January.

Henry County will be serving as a pilot program for 4th grade science as standards for science are increasing in rigor. Also, six teachers will be participating in micro-credentialing pilot program with the state. 

Lastly, Dr. Norton invited everyone to join in a Veteran's Day Program at Grove or Harrelson and the December board meeting will be held on December 14, 2017 at the Tower Building.

Meeting adjourned-6:25 p.m.

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