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February 9, 2017 at 4:30 PM - February Board Meeting

Call to Order
Citizen's Forum

Mr. John Davidson, President of the Henry County Quarterback Club and citizen of Henry County , addressed the board and stated that some interested citizens and members of the Quarterback Club wish to help the system when it comes to funding for the astroTurf field at Patriot Stadium that has been discussed as part of the renovations projects at Henry County High School. 

Mr. Davidson stated that he had already been contacted by several private donors that had pledged large amounts along with other's still inquiring as well.

Adopt & Approve the Consent Agenda
Director's Personnel Report
Nurse's Report
Board Minutes
General Purpose Monthly Financial Report
Budget Amendments
Adopt & Approve the Main Agenda
Teacher of the Year Recognition
Speaker(s):  Dr. Brian Norton

Dr. Brian Norton acknowledged Teachers of the Year for the Henry County School System. He informed the board that the eligibility requirements for this award consisted of: (1) the teacher must have a minimum of three years teaching experience in TN, (2) have a track record of exceptional gains in student learning, (3) must be skilled in implementing creative instructional strategies; be poised, articulate, enthusiastic and energetic; inspire students to love to learn, and (4) have the respect and admiration of students, parents, and colleagues.

Recipients are as followed:

PreK-4th Grade:

Roxanne Hendrix, Joanne Mayoza, and Wendy Orr

5th-8th Grade:

Natalie Veazey Norwood, Holly Thompson, and Emily Townsend

9th-12th Grade: 

John Anderson and Christina Lewis

Board Chairman, Doug Braden, then awarded the District Teacher of the Year in each division. In the PreK-4th grade level was Roxanne Hendrix. The winner in grades 5-8 for the district was Holly Thompson. The winner of District Teacher of the Year in grades 9-12 was Christina Lewis.

Along with their individual award, winners of the Teacher of the Year for the District received $500.

Harrelson Report
Speaker(s):  Mrs. Maria Cox

Harrelson Principal, Mrs. Maria Cox, opened her report by welcoming everyone to Harrelson School. She stated that for the evening she wanted to acknowledge some current Harrelson activities, focusing and highlighting on the audio and visual arts programs.

First, Ms. Stacey Inglish's Harrelson Chorus sang a song for the board. She also spoke about the 4th and 5th grade chorus known as the Harrelson Hawks that prepares members for 6th grade chorus. She stated that she loves the chorus program and is extremely happy that students are given such a wonderful opportunity at such a young age.

Second, a video was shown to the board highlighting the importance of band at Harrelson School and showing several musical acts that they had performed.

Lastly, another video was shown to the board on behalf of the art program. Several students discussed their love of art and told about the projects they were involved in. Mrs. Cox informed the board that this year the school implemented art school wide so every student gets to experience art throughout their school career.

In closing, Mrs. Cox, encouraged everyone to "look around" and see first-hand for themselves the true talent that Harrelson students possess and she acknowledged the importance of the continued support on behalf of the board because without their support, many of the programs would not exist.


*Master's Thesis Project
Speaker(s):  Mr. David Huber

Mr. David Huber, teacher at Henry County High School, addressed the board seeking approval regarding his Master's Thesis project. Mr. Huber explained that he will be surveying HCHS students in regards to chronic absenteeism and how to improve it. Through the process, Mr. Huber, explained how he will discuss with student's reasons as to why they are not coming to school and incentives they would like to see that would encourage them to have better attendance long-term. This work will go towards Mr. Huber's Masters at Murray State University.

The board approved Mr. Huber's request.

*Resolution in Opposition to Letter Grades for Schools
Speaker(s):  Dr. Brian Norton & Mr. Doug Braden

Dr. Norton presented to the board a Resolution: Concerning the A-F Accountability Rating System for Tennessee Public Schools.

Dr. Norton's Resolution was in opposition to the current proposal. He informed the board that his decision to oppose is based on the merit that utilizing the A-F grades for schools, does not account for numerous factors that contribute to school performance; and is not productive for school improvement because no explanation on the how or why of low performance was given; and it does not build capacity of the school educators. 

The board supported Dr. Norton's Resolution and a signed copy will be mailed to all appropriate parties.

Facilities Committee Recommendation for High School Project
Speaker(s):  Mr. Rod Frey

Facilities member, Mr. Rod Frey, proposed to the board that plans should proceed on the pending projects at Henry County High School with the exception of the turf field. Mr. Frey supported the idea of allowing the Quarterback Club and other groups to raise money for the turf. He did state that the citizens of Henry County should not have to pay for the turf but if the money is raised either privately/publicly then that opportunity should be granted.

Mr. Frey made a motion to proceed with the project, minus the turf field, and allow the group(s) to fund raise for the turf.

Board member, Mr. Tom Beasley, then suggested an amendment to the motion to proceed with the building projects without the turf field, without a multi-purpose facility, and without discussion for fundraising. The amendment passed 3-2, eliminating Mr. Frey's original motion. Mr. Frey then made a motion to reconsider his original motion, which failed 3-2.

Board attorney, Mr. Rob Whitifield, stated that this motion allows the board to move forward with the entire project and bring the sports complex, turf, and fundraising at a different vote.

The board then held another vote, just for moving forward with the HCHS project, but for now, leaving out the turf field, sports complex, and fundraising. The vote passed 3-2.

Mr. Tom Beasley then made a motion to not allow fundraising for the turf field, but it died for lack of a 2nd. 

Board member, Mr. Jim McCampbell, made a motion to allow the group to go ahead with fundraising efforts and look at this part of the project if the money can be raised.

Board attorney, Mr. Rob Whitifield, spoke to the board and urged them to not get to far into allowing or not allowing fundraising. He suggested to be very careful in endorsing or not endorsing a fundraiser as the funding has not been secured by the County Commission for any of the project.

Once advised, Mr. McCampbell's motion was voted on and passed 4-1 to allow fundraising efforts to proceed.


Director's Report
Speaker(s):  Dr. Brian Norton

Dr. Norton acknowledged the importance of all school counselors at each grade level. He told the board that their work is extremely important and critical in every child's "next step", so he wanted to praise them on all of their hard work.

Dr. Norton stated that he would be speaking with TLM and scheduling a time in which everyone could meet for a Work Session to discuss the continued efforts regarding all parties involved in the renovations at Henry County High School. Dates/time would be determined at a later date.

Dr. Norton acknowledged Board Appreciation Week. He personally thanked the board members for their dedication to the citizens/students of Henry County. He told the board that it was truly a pleasure to serve with such a wonderful group of people.

Meeting adjourned-6:09PM

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