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August 11, 2016 at 5:00 PM - Henry County Board of Education August Meeting

Call to Order
Discussion:  The Pledge of Allegiance was led by Rod Frey. A moment of silence was recognized by Doug Braden.
Citizen's Forum
Adoption of Agendas
Adopt & Approve the Consent Agenda
Director's Personnel Report
Board Minutes
Adopt & Approve the Main Agenda
Curriculum Update: Math:Eureka English Language Arts: Guidebooks
Speaker(s):  Dr. Norton
Discussion:  Dr. Brian Norton provided a presentation to the board regarding the updates associated with both English Language Arts and Mathematics Curriculum's. Dr. Norton explained that a lot of work has taken place since the initial conversation to change the curriculum last Spring. Dr. Norton discussed the long-term potential that Eureka Math offers our students. He also acknowledge that the transition to such a rigorous curriculum has, and will continue, to expose achievement gaps but he assured the board that this is a challenge that our system is ready to work thru. Dr. Norton explained that ELA Guidebooks are the curriculum for English Language Arts for grades 3-11. These books ensure that students will be reading and writing everyday. Dr. Norton stated that we have students who come with a vast difference in background knowledge through different life experiences, therefore, having students read everyday closes that gap. Reading improves background knowledge. Improving background knowledge improves learning and learning opportunities lead to greater opportunities for our students in the future. He concluded his report by emphasizing the importance of reading and writing every day in class. Students are developing life skills that are extremely beneficial especially relating to thinking and reasoning. In closing, Dr. Norton provided two websites: for information regarding ELA Guidebooks and for assistance in Eureka Math.
Bullying Report
Speaker(s):  Dr. Susan Burton
Discussion:  Dr. Susan Burton provided the annual bullying report. She explained that since the system receives Federal Funding, a report must be generated yearly. She stated that the system currently uses The Olweus Bullying model. Overall, a total of 17 incidents had been reported and investigated in the last school year, but only one was determined to be an official bullying case.
*Request to Rename HCHS Baseball Field
Speaker(s):  Dr. Brian Norton
Discussion:  Dr. Norton informed the board that the system does not currently have a process in place when request are made to rename a field or building associated with the school system. He suggested that the board develop a policy to eliminate any future confusion relating to these request. He believes a precedent needs to be set before the renaming of anything is finalized. This request for a policy stems from a letter that Dr. Norton received along with the board to rename the baseball field at HCHS to Thunder Field, in honor of the Paris Thunder team from the mid 1990s. Dustin Summers, of the 1996 Thunder team, discussed the importance that the team had in the revision of the field and the HCHS baseball athletics as a whole. He explained that the current facility that is there now use to be a cow pasture. The Thunder team along with the Board of Education cleaned the area, helped light the field, and brought the team back onto campus (from previously being relocated off campus) in 1999. Mr. Rod Frey suggested that in moving forward with this request the facility committee and Dr. Norton discuss first before bringing it back before the board. The board decided to wait on officially renaming the field until a policy is established. Mr. McCampbell asked that Dr. Norton bring back a recommended policy at next month's board meeting.
Director's Report
Speaker(s):  Dr. Brian Norton
Discussion:  Dr. Norton stated that student enrollment numbers were down 50 students compared to last years numbers. Lakewood Elementary is down significantly and Harrelson is down some as well. Both Grove and Henry County High School have increased their enrollment numbers so far this year. Dr. Norton announced a tentative date for a joint work session between County Commissioners and board members on August 23rd at 5:30 p.m. at the Board of Education. The purpose of this meeting is to allow our facilities committee to share needs and plans for improvements for the system moving forward. Again, Dr. Norton stated this date is tentative based on the approval of commission of which he will attend their meeting Monday evening, in which he will ask them to confirm. Also, a light meal will be provided at 5:00 p.m. prior to the meeting. Dr. Norton confirmed that rooms have been reserved for the TSBA Annual Conference and if any changes are needed to please follow-up with Christy Thompson as soon as possible. Dr. Norton closed his report with a special thank-you to LT. Calvin Dumas and the grounds work that he provided over the summer at the Board of Education. He acknowledge all the hard work that officer Dumas contributes both during the year, as the SRO at Grove, and in the summer when he is helping out wherever he is needed. Meeting adjourned: 5:48 p.m.
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