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April 14, 2016 at 5:00 PM - Henry County Board of Education April Meeting

Call to Order
Speaker(s):  Chairman Jim McCampbell
Discussion:  The Pledge of Allegiance was by Doug Braden. A moment of silence was recognized by Doug Braden.
Citizen's Forum
Adoption of Agendas
Adopt & Approve the Consent Agenda
Discussion:  Mr. Doug Braden noticed an error and asked that it be noted. 141-13 Budget Amendment should be listed as 143-Budget Amendment. Correct was made to agenda for purpose of County Commission. Classification was provided regarding the Foundation Bank Signature Card request. It is solely for check writing purposes. The Family Resource Center (FRC) application for a volunteer also raised questions. Dr. Norton explained that in the past this has not been the process and even though this individual is not working with or around children, he feels that is in the best interest of the school to provide a background check. All board members agreed.
Director's Personnel Report
Nurse's Report
Board Minutes
143 Budget Amendment
Surplus Electronic Equipment
Family Resource Center Volunteer Application
Adoption of Textbooks
Foundation Bank Resolution (Lakewood Cafeteria)
Adopt & Approve the Main Agenda
TSBA SCOPE COnference Student Recognition
Speaker(s):  Mr. David Huber
Discussion:  Mr. David Huber recognized the four Henry County High School students that attended the Tennessee School Board Association SCOPE Conference. They are as followed: Adam Rogers-10th grade Pierce Rose-10th grade Madison Bickerstaff-11th grade Abigail Wilson-10th grade The SCOPE Conference allows students to participate in discussions like board members and more. Dr. Huber stated that the students were excited to learn how the legislation works along with several other areas. Mr. Huber thanked the board for providing the funds to go on the trip and said it was a great leadership opportunity for the four students that attended. Certificates were awarded to each participant.
*Henry County 4-H Program Request
Speaker(s):  Dr. Brian Norton
Discussion:  Dr. Norton advised the board that the annual 4-H Trip was quickly approaching. Each year a request is made for the use of two large buses to transport students to Columbia, TN. The trip this year will take place June 6, 2016 through June 10, 2016. It is estimated that 120 students from the Henry County School System will be attending. Dr.Norton asked the board to keep this tradition alive and approve the trip that provides a wonderful opporunity for so many students in this county.
*Henry County Schools Student-Athlete Code of Conduct
Speaker(s):  Dr. Brian Norton
Discussion:  Dr. Norton explained that a committee comprised of coaches, teachers, community members, board members, and administrators helped formulate the Schools Student-Athlete Code of Conduct. Dr.Norton stated that the committee wanted to make sure that procedures and policies were in place to address student misconduct, promote consistency across the district when enforcing behavior expectations for our athletes, not turning this into a micromanaging of our coaches...still allowing flexibility as they work with students; and show that there is a sense of pride in representing Henry County Athletics as well as a sense of resposibilty on their part when they do make mistakes. The Code of Conduct stresses that athletes make the right decisions and choices whether at a game or not. The athlete should be respectful in wins and losses, and obey all state, local, and other laws. Dr. Norton concluded that a system-wide coaches meeting would be held to discuss the implementation of this policy and from that point, coaches will be required to have conversations with players and parents. Dr. Norton stated that the end product is before you. We ask that you approve this as our official Code of Conduct for all Student Athletes. We want to ensure its use beginning with any tryout for the 2016-2017 school year.
May, June, and July Board Meeting Dates
Speaker(s):  Dr. Brian Norton
Discussion:  Dr. Norton suggested the following dates for upcoming board meetings: May 12, 2016 June 23, 2106 (Finance Review Scheduled) July 26, 2016 No board member had any existing conflicts and agreed that those dates would be acceptable.
Director's Report
Speaker(s):  Dr. Brian Norton
Discussion:  Dr. Norton advised the board that Mrs. Becky Holland with The Family Resource Center has nominated Mr. Bill Bailey for the TSBA Volunteer Recognition Award. Dr. Norton explained that Mr. Bailey is being recognized as volunteer who has made outstanding contributions to the school district. He has exhibited exemplary leadership, displayed cooperation and hard work in his time of service, has demonstrated a sustained commitment, and has helped with ongoing activities. Dr. Norton asked for the board's approval to support Mr. Bailey's nomination. Dr. Norton informed the board that Henry County High School had two juniors that were nominated for the TSBA Student Recognition Awards. They are: Gracie Clayton and Colin Harris. Dr. Norton advised the board that parents and community stakeholders have a great opportunity to provide input to academic standards review in Science. This is the last opportunity for public reviews and feedback. They were initially reviewed last year and revisions have been made based on the review. They will be up for reading in July with State Board of Education for full implementation in 2018-2019. If you want to review...go to an internet search engine and type:Tennessee Education Standards Review. Lastly, Dr. Norton advised that the Henry County Schools End of Year Celebration will be held on Tuesday, May 17th at 6pm. -Meeting adjourned at 5:40 p.m.
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