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September 10, 2015 at 5:00 PM - Henry County Board of Education

1. Call to Order
Speaker(s):  Chairman Tom Beasley
Discussion:  Pledge of allegiance was led by Jim McCampbell. Doug Braden led everyone in a moment of silence.
2. * Election of Chairman
3. * Election of Vice-Chairman
4. Citizen's Forum
5. Adoption of Agendas
5.1. Adopt & Approve the Consent Agenda
5.1.1. Director's Personnel Report
5.1.2. Nurse's Report
5.1.3. Board Minutes
5.1.4. Budget Amendments
5.1.5. Certification of Compliance of Textbooks
5.1.6. Credit Card Addition
5.2. Adopt & Approve the Main Agenda
6. Lakewood Report
Speaker(s):  Mr. Mike Bell & Mrs. Amy Veazey
Discussion:  Shauna Adams, RTI Coordinator at Lakewood. She stated that she would like to share the parent involvement. Ethan Fredrick, 2nd grader at Lakewood discussed Jack Todd, 3rd grade at Lakewood Classroom Joe Qwen Brewer, 6th Remind 101 Drew Culbreth, 8th Good Morning Lakewood Good Morning Lakewood broadcast was shown. Board members were given
7. * HCHS FFA Fieldtrip Request
Speaker(s):  Ms. Laura Moss
Discussion:  Ms. Moss stated that there are 3 teams going to national convention. 1 ton of beef donated to the local food bank by the students i
8. * Family Life Curriculum
Speaker(s):  Dr. Renea Wade
Discussion:  Pregnancy rate 35.9 per 1,000 females is from 2013. 18 pregnancies county-wide between the ages of 15-17. Rate is increasing instead of 16th worst county in the state of TN State says that for any rate higher that is 19.5 or higher must have board approved Family Life Curriculum. Dr. Wade stated what had been done in the past. Last year she reminded the board that the policy was changed to broaden curriculum for 6-8th and also to extend the program in to the high school for wellness. As long we can continue improvement then the program will be able to operate at the district sees fit. It is state mandated that the district will have a representative on the health council. Stephanie Winders will be the representative for the district. Centerstone Be In Charge II (grades 7-12) - Contacted Stephanie to partner with the district. This is a 5 year grant (they are working with 60 counties in TN and Illinois, Kentucky) School Based Community Outreach The curriculum that will be used by Centerstone is Make a Difference Focus will be 7-10th grades this school year The lessons presented by Centerstone must be a Prevention Specialist in Social Work. HCHS graduate Emily Ellison Rhoads will be working with the district capacity. Abstinence only curriculum 20 parents opted out district wide
9. * Policy
Speaker(s):  Dr. Brian Norton
Discussion:  Dr. Norton reminded the board that this is being added to in order to comply with TBI processes.
9.1. Policy 5.118 Background Investigations (Second Reading)
Discussion:  Dr. Norton explained the need for the policy.
9.2. Policy 1.300 Board Committees (Second Reading)
Discussion:  Dr. Norton stated the reason for the policy.
10. * Committee Elections
Discussion:  Budget Committee: Tom Beasley Jill Coker Doug Braden Facilities & Grounds: Rod Frey Jim McCampbell Tom Beasley Sick Leave Bank: Jill Coker Doug Braden TLN Representative: Rod Frey TSBA Delegates: Doug Braden Tom Beasley Jill Coker
11. Five Year Plan
Speaker(s):  Dr. Brian Norton
11.1. Finalize Goal 1 and Introduce Goal 2
Discussion:  Dr. Norton reminded the board about the mission, vision and goal number 1 along with the action steps that were discussed last month. Dr. Norton gave the board the opportunity to amend, add or delete anything in goal 1. Dr. Norton then introduced goal 2. Dr. Norton told the board that they would need to look over the information that was given to them regarding goal 2 and that they would come back next month and amend, add or delete any of the information.
12. TSBA Reminders
Speaker(s):  Chairman
Discussion:  Tom Beasley will attend Jill Coker will attend Leadership & Annual Convention Doug Braden will attend Annual Convention
13. Meeting Locations
Speaker(s):  Chairman
Discussion:  Board had discussion regarding meeting at each school. The board agreed that they would like to do that and would begin meeting in September.
14. Director's Report
Speaker(s):  Dr. Brian Norton
Discussion:  1. School Level Audit - Harrelson & Henry - No findings during the school level audit. Other schools had very minimal findings 2. TLM - AIA Agreement Dr. Norton reported to the board that Attorney, Rob Whitfield had made changes to the AIA agreement but they are still waiting approval from TLM. 3. Math Textbook Math textbooks have been delivered to all schools/students. 4. Parent View in Synergy will be open during Parent Teacher Conference. 5. Literacy In-Service - Mr. Armstrong Every teacher in the district has had in-service in literacy. This includes elementary and secondary. Dr. Norton re-iterated the focus of literacy by the district. 6. Insurance Committee First meeting this past Tuesday. The focus of the meeting will be a new plan and help set premiums for rates for the 2015-2016. This committee understands what the district has done and how we can keep insurance viable. Thank you to Lakewood for hosting. Dr. Norton wished Hannah Robinson good luck as she participates in Miss America pageant. Dr. Norton thanked Mr. Beasley for his service as Chairman. Adjourn 6:12 pm.
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