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August 14, 2014 at 5:00 PM - Henry County Board of Education August Meeting

Call to Order
Citizen's Forum
Adoption of Agendas
Adopt & Approve the Consent Agenda
Director's Personnel Report
Meeting Minutes
Budget Amendments
Adult Education Surplus Items
Adopt & Approve the Main Agenda
Director's Evaluation
Discussion:  Chairman Beasley Board Relationships 4.5 Community Relationships 4.6 Staff & Personnel Relations 4.2 Facilities & Finanace 4.5 Vision 4.3 Standard Achievement 4.5 Performance Objective 2.4
Discussion of Future Board Meeting Locations
Speaker(s):  Mr. Sam Miles
Discussion:  Mr. Miles stated that he had not yet had an opportunity to meet with Principals but Mr. Miles will hold meeting with Principals in two weeks and develop schedule.
TSBA Reminders
Speaker(s):  Chairman Tom Beasley
Discussion:  Fall District Meeting 9/16 4:30 leave at 2:30 Doug will not attend Annual Convention 11/16-11/17 Sunday & Monday Tom Beasley, Doug Braden Robert & Jim will let us know Leadership Convention 11/14-11/15
Update on Storm Safe
Speaker(s):  Mr. Sam Miles
Discussion:  Mr. Akers gave report on Storm Safe. Indoor is all that is left. Locks are still lacking on doors. The holdbacks (magnet piece on door) - something that Fire Marshall - plan review pending.
Accountability Update
Speaker(s):  Mr. Sam Miles
Discussion:  Mr. Miles presented what was shared with teachers at the District Kick-Off event. The district vision was shared as well as the school-wide improvement plan. Trends in data over the past 4 years was also shown for grades K-12. Henry County data was also compared to the state average. Every grade level will now complete a writing assessment. Teams in Henry County have been trained on that process and they are going to back to their schools and training individual teachers.
Student Management System Update
Speaker(s):  Dr. Brian Norton & Mr. Charles Cate
Discussion:  Dr. Brian Norton presented information on the new student management system called Synergy. Teachers are maintaining grades and attendance through teacher view. The plan is after the 1st quarter to open the parent view. Next week student id's will be printed. Mr. Charles Cate was recognized with his work as well with the new student management system.
Extended Learning Grant Awards
Speaker(s):  Dr. Susan Burton
Discussion:  Dr. Burton presented information regarding 2 grants that were recently approved for $350,000 LEAP grant 150,000 21st Century Grant 9-12 3 year grant cycle. LEAP grant after-school program 1 hour tutoring before school at HCHS.
* Budget Amendment - 141-02 Furniture/Maintenance & Repair
Speaker(s):  Mr. Sam Miles & Mrs. Judy Kee
Discussion:  The entire district only has $25,000 for furniture in regular budget. Mr. Miles is asking to take $50,000 from unassigned fund balance to cover the cost of replacing lockers, stands and chairs from band room. Miles does not feel that the entire $50,000 will be used. All of the turf was lost on main and practice field. Total expense is approximate $45,000 needs to be taken from unassigned fund balance to put back in maintenance budget. This will bring the total of $700,000 to be used from unassigned fund balance. That will leave about the fund balance Last year we came in under budget.
Discussion of Facilities Improvements
Speaker(s):  Mr. Sam Miles
Discussion:  Mr. Miles asked that as a 5 year plan would the entire board want to be involved instead of the Present list of facilities in the area to tour. We would start with HCHS. Clarksville High, Dyersburg High, Westview, Hardin Coutny will be on the list.
* Coca-Cola & Knott's Food Contracts
Speaker(s):  Mr. Sam Miles
Discussion:  RFP's were sent out in the spring. Based on those RFP's Coca-Cola was awarded for drink vending. & Knott's Food Both contracts are for 5 year terms. All money from vending goes back to school. Challenge with snack vending is complying federal snack regulations.
Director's Report
Discussion:  1. Congrats to Doug Braden & Jim McCampbell on their re-election. Mr. Miles thanked the board. 2. Tenure - September This is the first year that the district is eligible to award tenure. The official scores for the teachers eligible for tenure are currently embargoed so we will wait until September to award tenure. 3. AdvancEd First meeting is tomorrow. 4. Athletic Passes (Don't discuss just hand out) 5. TutorTN Free service provided to students online - 2pm-9pm. Certified teacher will be provided. Library card. 6. TN Promise Governor's Drive to 55 Program. He wants 55% to graduate from post-secondary. The program came from the Mayor's office. It calls for a local mentoring program. Tuition free to junior college. There are many criteria for the program. Miles has been working with Mayor Greer along with TN Achieve. They are developing 25 community members to run the program. 7. Henry Thrift Store Helping Hand grant was awarded for $10,000. The bank building on the Henry campus has been set up by teachers at Henry. They are wanting to make approvements to the building to incorperate a thrift store Adjourn at 5:51pm
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