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April 10, 2014 at 5:00 PM - Henry County Board of Education April Meeting

1. Call to Order
Speaker(s):  Chairman Tom Beasley
Discussion:  Pledge of Allegiance was led by Jim McCampbell. The moment of silence was recognized by Doug Braden
2. Citizen's Forum
3. Adoption of Agendas
3.1. Adopt & Approve the Consent Agenda
3.1.1. Director's Personnel Report
3.1.2. Board minutes
3.1.3. Nurse's Report
3.1.4. Budget Amendments
3.1.5. Summer Feeding Request
3.2. Adopt & Approve the Main Agenda
4. Old Business
4.1. *Verizon Lease Agreement
Speaker(s):  Mr. Sam Miles
Discussion:  Mr. Miles stated that he had met with the Buildings & Grounds Committee and that they would not be moving forward with the lease.
4.2. *Differentiated Pay Plan
Discussion:  Mr. Miles presented information regarding the Differentiated Pay Plan. Information regarding the summary of what had been discussed with the local pay plan committee. He reminded the board that the committee was made up of local teachers, administrators, Mrs. Judy Kee - Finance Director. Mr. Miles informed the board that the final document must be approved by the state board of education. 93% of teachers in Henry County teachers are rated in the 4-5 range on the performance based scale. Henry County's pay plan will be based on degrees. 3 scales will be proposed - Bachelor's, Master's and Advanced Degrees. The question was asked among the board regarding teachers or administrators that are getting an advanced degree. Mr. Miles reminded the board that this pay plan was up to them. He also stated that there was no research to show that advanced degrees correlated to effective teachers. Additional roles and responsibilities would also be a factor in the pay plan.
5. SCOPE Conference Recognition
Speaker(s):  Deborah Arnold
Discussion:  Student Congress on Policy Education - Deborah Arnold, HCHS Counselor. Aubrey Buttrey & Katie Maupin presented the board with information that they learned from the SCOPE Conference. The students were presented with certificates by Board Chairman, Tom Beasley. Riley Winchester also attended but was unable to attend board meeting.
6. Candidate Forum Recognition
Speaker(s):  Dr. Susan Burton
Discussion:  Dr. Susan Burton Pam McCord Alex AuBuchon from WMUF/WLZK
7. *Middle School Softball
Speaker(s):  Mr. Mike Poteete
Discussion:  Mr. Bell, Assistant Athletic Director made the proposal for a consolidated middle school softball program.
8. *FFA National Land & Range Judging Contest Fieldtrip Request
Speaker(s):  Laura Moss
9. Secondary Curriculum Update
Speaker(s):  Mrs. Betsy Allison
Discussion:  Mrs. Allison reported that only 30 students and parents that did not attend for upcoming 9th graders. Only 12 students and parents did not attend for upcoming 10th graders. Dual Credit - English, US History (UTM) Psychology, Liberal Arts, (Bethel) Algebra and Trig, Sociology, (Credit Regents) TN College of Applied Technology - The relationship with vo-tech school. Looking at sending students. The state is renaming courses for CTE Courses.
10. *Textbook Adoption
Speaker(s):  Dr. Renea Wade & Mrs. Betsy Allison
Discussion:  Dr. Wade and Mrs. Allison presented information on textbooks that are being proposed for adoption in Social Studies.
11. Policy (First Reading on All)
Speaker(s):  Mr. Brian Norton
11.1. 4.400 Instructional Materials
Speaker(s):  Mr. Brian Norton
Discussion:  Mr. Norton presented information regarding this policy. He informed the board that this was a result of state law and was recommended by TSBA.
11.2. 4.406 Use of the Internet
Speaker(s):  Mr. Brian Norton
Discussion:  Mr. Norton presented information regarding the proposed policy. Mr. Norton stated that this policy was developed based on a teacher survey and based on approximately 20 other policies across the state.
11.3. 6.312 Use of Personal Communication Devices & Electronic Devices in School
Speaker(s):  Mr. Brian Norton
Discussion:  Mr. Norton discussed the ideas as to why the policy was developed and stated that the policy would certainly be a mind change. He stated that it would be his recommendation to embrace technology for learning.
12. * 2014-2015 School Calendar
Speaker(s):  Mr. Brian Norton
Discussion:  The calendar was proposed for 2014-2015.
13. *May Board Meeting Date
Speaker(s):  Mr. Sam Miles
Discussion:  Mr. Miles proposed that the board meeting be moved to May 22, 2014 to give time for budget. The board agreed.
14. 2014-2015 Budget Calendar
Speaker(s):  Mr. Sam Miles
Discussion:  May 15th - Budget Committee Meeting
15. Director's Report
Speaker(s):  Mr. Sam Miles
Discussion:  1. Services Solutions Contract has been signed. 2. Common Core - Mr. Miles would like to have meetings with parents regarding Common Core once the state has made final decisions. 3. Vending/Drink Contract - Requests for proposal have been sent out. 4. Storm Safe - Cost overrun have been taken care of and all of the projects are ready to start. Meeting adjourned 6:21pm
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