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March 13, 2014 at 5:00 PM - Henry County Board of Education March Meeting

Call to Order
Speaker(s):  Chairman Tom Beasley
Discussion:  Pledge of Allegiance was led by Jim McCampbell. The moment of silence was recognized by Doug Braden
Citizen's Forum
Adoption of Agendas
Adopt & Approve the Consent Agenda
Director's Personnel Report
Board minutes
Nurse's Report
Budget Amendments
Adopt & Approve the Main Agenda
Old Business
*Verizon Lease Agreement
Speaker(s):  Mr. Sam Miles
Discussion:  Mr. Miles informed the board that he had received a revised copy of the items that needed to be updated from Verizon for the lease agreement. Mr. Miles provided the board with a copy of the updates. He stated that he would still have former county attorney, Lee Greer or a new attorney if one is appointed tonight look over the most recent updates. Discussion was had regarding the land where the Verizon tower is proposed to be located.
Differentiated Pay Plan
Discussion:  Mr. Miles explained a total of 4 meetings have been held with the committee that is reviewing the differentiated pay plan. So far, the committee has ruled out performance based pay for next year. He discussed some of the proposed parts of the pay plan. He stated that more information will be given at next month's meeting. Miles thanked administrators and Finance Director, Judy Kee for being a part of committee. The district has until June to submit the plan for approval.
*Board Attorney
Speaker(s):  Mr. Sam Miles
Discussion:  Mr. Miles introduced new County Attorney Rob Whitfield. Mr. Miles gave Mr. Whitfield the opportunity to introduce himself. The role of a board attorney was discussed among the board and Mr. Whitfield. The pay of Mr. Whitfield was also discussed. Mr. Whitfield agreed to be compensated $150 per board meeting be provided an travel allowance for any training that he attends. Whitfield stated that he would track his hours spent as board attorney over a one to two year period and if he felt that the compensation was not fair that he would re-evaluate it with the board and Mr. Miles.
Technology Upgrades
Speaker(s):  Mr. Denton Jordan
Discussion:  Technology Director, Denton Jordan gave a presentation on how Henry County School System has spent or plans to spend dollars which will prepare all schools for the PARCC assessments.
School Calendar
Speaker(s):  Mr. Sam Miles
Discussion:  Mr. Norton informed the board that the 2014-2015 calendar has been discussed in the past two weeks. The plan is to bring the proposed calendar before Principals and then to board at next month's board meeting.
Contracts Pending
Speaker(s):  Mr. Sam Miles
Discussion:  Mr. Miles informed the board that there were two contracts that were coming to an end: 1. Vending/Drink Contract - Mr. Miles stated that an RFP will be written and sent out for bids. He reminded the board that Pepsi currently has the contract for all vending and drinks in the district. 2. Contract with Service Solutions - Mr. Miles reminded the board that the original agreement was for 3 years. Last year the board voted to extend that agreement for one more year. That agreement is now up. The proposal last year was for the same price with agreement that they could increase 2%. However, Service Solution never charged an increase. He stated that he felt that the company had been very fair in staying with the same price for 4 years. Mr. Miles informed them that they can legally extend a for a total of 5 years, which means that they could extend the current contract for 1 more year. He explained that he had been in negotiations with Service Solutions and that they had agreed to keep the contract at the same price if the board chose to extend for 1 more year. Mr. Miles recommended to the board that they do extend with Service Solution a contract at the present rate for 1 additional year.
Director's Report
Speaker(s):  Mr. Sam Miles
Discussion:  1. Gutter damage - John Akers made the board aware of damage to gutters at Lakewood, Harrelson and the bus garage due to ice/snow/weather last week. The damage had been turned into TNRMT. 2. Legislative Update - Mr. Miles reminded the board that they receive updates from TSBA regarding happenings within the legislature. Some of the most recent legislation was discussed among the board. 3. Mr. Miles announced and invited all board members to attend a joint meeting between the County Commission & Board regarding Storm Safe at Harrelson and Henry. The meeting will be held prior to the Monday night county commission meeting at the Henry County Courthouse beginning at 6:30pm
Closed Executive Session
Discussion:  The board recessed for Executive Session. Adjourned 6:09pm
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