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April 12, 2012 at 5:00 PM - Henry County Board of Education April Meeting

1. Call to Order
Speaker(s):  Chairman Reimold
Discussion:  Pledge of Allegiance was led by Jim McCampbell. Moment of silence was observed by Doug Braden.
2. Citizen's Forum
3. Adoption of Agendas
3.1. Adopt & Approve the Consent Agenda
3.1.1. March 16, 2012 Board Minutes
3.1.2. Budget Amendments
3.1.3. Authorization to apply for federal funds
3.1.4. Summer feeding
3.1.5. Director's Personnel Report
3.1.6. Nurse's Report
3.2. Adopt & Approve the Main Agenda
4. Old Business
4.1. Storm Safe Shelters
Speaker(s):  Sam Miles
Discussion:  Mr. Miles presented information regarding the approval of three storm safe sites at Lakewood, Henry and Harrelson. Mr. Miles indicated that the next phase of the project would begin with a meeting with TLM, Lashlee & Rich and County Mayor Brent Greer to discuss funding. More updates will be given at next months board meeting.
5. Spotlight *Administrative and Instructional Support Staff*
Speaker(s):  Dr. Susan Burton
Discussion:  Dr. Susan Burton showed a video that was written, performed and produced by Nathan Shomaker at HCHS who showed appreciation for support staff.
6. Lakewood Student - Eagle Scout Project
Speaker(s):  Johnathon Beasley
Discussion:  Johnathon Beasley presented his Eagle Scout Project with will help with the improvement of the trail at Lakewood Middle
7. SCOPE Conference Update
Speaker(s):  Sam Miles
Discussion:  Eric Ofiniwicz, a senior at HCHS spoke about his experience at the TSBA SCOPE Conference. Certificates were presented to the following students who attended: Eric Ofinowicz Brittney Noble Henry Medlock Ashley Hollingsworth
8. FFA Fieldtrip Request
Speaker(s):  Tommy Barrow & Laura Moss
9. 4-H Bus Request
Speaker(s):  Sam Miles
10. Policy
Speaker(s):  Sam Miles & Dr. Stacy Byrd
10.1. 4.603 Promotion & Retention (second reading)
Speaker(s):  Sam Miles & Dr. Stacy Byrd
11. Textbook Adoption
Speaker(s):  Sam Miles
Discussion:  Mr. Miles reviewed the textbook budget and the textbooks that are being proposed to adopt.
12. Board action for carryover funds for textbook order
Speaker(s):  Sam Miles
Discussion:  Mr. Miles explained that the new literature books do not include the new state common core standards. Mr. Miles is requesting that money be set aside for next year until a book is provided that coorelates to the common core standards. Mr. Miles read the recommended motion to carrover funds for these proposed textbooks. $106,425 would need to be put in reserve.
13. 5 Year Plan
Speaker(s):  Chairman Reimold
14. Director's Evaluation
Speaker(s):  Chairman Reimold
Discussion:  Chairman Reimold provided the board with a copy of the recommended director's evaluation tool. She explained that she would like to use last years tool and changed the ratings to a 5-1 rating scale. Mr. Miles agreed that this evaluation assessment was more in line with the teacher evaluation system. Director's Evaluation will be due on July Board meeting.
15. Board of Distinction
Speaker(s):  Chairman Reimold
Discussion:  Chairman Reimold stated that more information will be given to individual board members next month to determine what needs to be achieved in order to meet the criteria for the board of disinction award given by TSBA.
16. Director's Report
Speaker(s):  Sam Miles
16.1. May Board Meeting Date & Other Important May Dates
Discussion:  Mr. Miles informed the board that the May Board meeting would need to be moved to 4pm to allow members to attend Top Ten Banquet.
16.2. Summer Board Retreat Date
Discussion:  Mr. Miles asked board members to look at their calendars and choose dates for the summer board retreat. He suggested July 13th and 14th as possible dates. The board agreed to email the board secretary to confirm those dates.
16.3. Henry County Prevention Coalition Grant
Discussion:  Mr. Miles explained that 8 community agencies came together during a safe and drug free schools meeting led by Stephanie Winders. These agencies saw a need for a drug prevention coalition in Henry County. Josh Greer a teacher at the Alternative School had previous involvement in writing a grant for this need. Henry County Prevention Coalition was awarded a Developing Coalition Grant for $40,000. Mr. Miles explained that he would like for Josh Greer to present more information at next month's board meeting. Mr. Miles did explain that the grant would fund follow-ups with parents and students on drug education, as well as work with guidance counselors and local law enforcement. Josh Greer will be at May meeting to discuss the grant.
16.4. Legislative Update
Discussion:  Mr. Miles stated that this past Monday and Tuesday the TOSS Organization met with legislator in Nashville. Mr. Miles updated the board on some legislation that was discussed at the TOSS event. Mr. Miles also informed the board that the Commissioner of the TN Department of Education, Kevin Huffman visited Henry County School System today. Mr. Miles discussed briefly some of the topics covered with Commissioner Huffman. Meeting adjourned at 5:53pm
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