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November 10, 2011 at 5:00 PM - Henry County Board of Education Regular Meeting

Call to Order
Discussion:  Jim McCampbell led the pledge of allegiance. A moment of silence was observed.
Citizen's Forum
Adoption of Agendas
Adopt & Approve the Consent Agenda
Adopt & Approve the Main Agenda
Old Business
Storm Safe Shelters
Speaker(s):  Sam Miles
Discussion:  Mr. Miles updated the board on a letter that was received from Lashlee & Rich which requested a few fee changes that had been made by FEMA & TEMA. Mr. Miles did speak with Mr. Lashlee and he stated that TEMA and FEMA had received the update.
Spotlight (Director of Schools - Sam Miles)
Speaker(s):  Susan Burton
Discussion:  Candi Agee presented HCHS students who honored Mr. Miles for UTrust Recognition. Alaina Russell Kaitlyn Evans Tanner Convington
Policy Update
Speaker(s):  Sam Miles & Dr. Stacy Byrd
Discussion:  Dr. Byrd gave update on two policies for second reading. Dr. Byrd also informed the board that there were no changes on section 3 of board policies. Dr. Byrd presented recommended changes for policies on first reading and stated that they were all brought before the board recommended by TSBA: 1. Policy 5.202 is recommended to change under the sub-heading under dismissal to "all classified...........................based on Public Chapter 2?? 2. Policy 6.304 starts with line 22 originally it did not include cyber bullying.......compliance Public Chapter 251. 3. Policy 5.109 & Policy 5.1091 - these policy changes are made to comply with state teacher evaluation model and FTTT.
Policy 1.406 - Second Reading
Speaker(s):  Sam Miles
Policy 6.4031 - Second Reading
Speaker(s):  Sam Miles
Policy 5.109 - First Reading
Speaker(s):  Sam Miles
Policy 5.1091 - First Reading
Speaker(s):  Sam Miles
Policy 5.202 - First Reading
Speaker(s):  Sam Miles
Policy 6.304 - First Reading
Speaker(s):  Sam Miles
Statement of Disclosure of Interest
Speaker(s):  Sam Miles
Discussion:  Chairman Reimold made a reminder to board members to make their statement of disclosure of interest. Attorney Lee Greer confirmed that this is only required by board members.
Surplus Equipment
Speaker(s):  Denton Jordan
Discussion:  Denton Jordan presented information regarding equipment that he would like to surplus. Mr. Jordan stated that Food Service Director and Maintenance Supervisor had also included items that needed to be surplused. Mr. Jordan state that he had already contacted a recycling company that would pick of the items and pay the school system a couple of hundred dollars which is more than the system had received in the past from day auctions that were held.
Technology Update
Speaker(s):  Denton Jordan
Discussion:  Mr. Jordan updated the board on technology projects. As of now, 16 classrooms have been fully updated at HCHS. 80 laptops were ordered and the technology staff has begun giving those to teachers. Only approximately half of the budget was used to complete that portion of the project. The next phase is to update the wiring of HCHS. He stated that there are approximately 70 classrooms at HCHS and Mr. Jordan doesn't know of any updates that are needed. There was discussion regarding the recent board approval of using cell phones and other technology in the classroom for educational purposes.
Sample Resolutions (Anti-School Start Dates & Private School Vouchers)
Speaker(s):  Sam Miles
Discussion:  Mr. Miles presented information on two sample resolutions. He stated that he felt that school start dates needed to be decided at the district level and not the state level. The second resolution was regarding private school vouchers. Mr. Miles stated that it was the feeling of TSBA and alot of other Director's that using public money to support private schools is not wise. Chairman Reimold updated the board on issues that came up at TSBA Board of Director's meeting regarding these two vouchers.
Director's Report
Speaker(s):  Sam Miles
Third Party Administration of Annuities
Speaker(s):  Sam Miles
Discussion:  Mr. Miles made the board aware of the fact that there are 87 employees who have annuities who have payroll deductions. The company that we had provided No more third party administrators in the selling of annuities. Mr. Miles stated that he did not want other companies coming in to sell other products. Mr. Miles stated that he had met with local annuity vendors. He has chosen MidAmerica who charges a $2 per month fee. They will make sure IRS regulations are complied with, etc. The school system will handle the $2/month fee this school year but beginning next year this cost would be passed along to the vendor or the employee. Mr. Miles stated that the school system would welcome feedback from employees on how they would like for that cost to be passed. The agreement with MidAmerica would be from now until July 2012. The President of TASBO recommended MidAmerica to our school system.
Update of FTTT
Speaker(s):  Sam Miles
Discussion:  A draft has gone into the state regarding FTTT. Federal Waiver
Principal & Teacher Evaluations
Speaker(s):  Sam Miles
Discussion:  Mr. Miles informed the board that he had met with principals, lead teachers and other administrators regarding the most recent changes on teacher evaluations. He reminded them that they will get a more detailed report at December's meeting regarding the entire teacher evaluation process. There was discussion regarding the time it takes to complete the teacher evaluation process. This will be explored more at next month's board meeting.
School Improvement Planning
Speaker(s):  Sam Miles
Discussion:  Mr. Miles stated that the school improvement plans are due into the central office on November 27th and the district school improvement plan is due to the state on December 15th. Meeting adjourned at 5:53 pm
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