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June 4, 2015 at 5:00 PM - Putnam County June Board Meeting

Meeting Called to Order
Approval of Agenda
I Make A Difference Award
Note: Regular July Board Meeting rescheduled to Thursday, June 25, 2015, @ 5:00 PM
Approval of Minutes
Minutes Regular May Board Meeting - May 7, 2015, @ 5:00 PM
Approval of Consent Agenda
Approval of payment to Moore, Rader and Fitzpatrick, P.C. - Cookeville, Tennessee for legal services from February 21, 2015, to May 15, 2015, in the amount of $20,576.40 to be paid from 141-72310-331, Legal Services. (General Purpose School)
Bids/Quotes/Sealed Bids
Approval Cookeville High School dishwasher bid, as submitted on the bid tally sheet. (Bid date opening June 1, 2015.
Approval of 2015-2016 Framing/Finishing bid for Construction Tech houses, as submitted on the bid tally sheet. (Bid date opening June 3, 2015)
Budget Amendments/Line Item Transfers
Approval of various 141 Year-End Clean-up Budget Amendments and Line Item Transfers, as submitted.
Budget Amendments Fund 141
Finance Dept - To reallocate funds to purchase 4th school bus
Finance Dept - Reallocation of Medical Insurance Budget based benefit participation
Line Item Transfers - Fund 141
Finance Dept - Year End Cleanup
Budget Amendment - Fund 142
CTE - Carl Perkins to move monies to help improve the CTE Programs
Line Item Transfers Extended School Program - Fund 146
Extended School Program - year end cleanup
Extended School Program - Year end cleanup
Approval of Out-of-County & Overnight Trip Report
Approval of Grant Report
Approval of Consolidated Application for Con. Admin. (011), Title I (101), Title II (201), Title III (301), IDEA Part B, and IDEA Preschool, as submitted.
Approval of 2015-2016 Differentiated Pay Plan (PASS Plan Update 2015-2016), as submitted.
Approval to rescind Board action taken at the June 26, 2014, Board Meeting regarding funding source for HFR Long Range Facilities Planning Service and approve the revised funding source as 141-72620-399, Other Contracted Service, as submitted. (General Purpose School)
Building Projects Discussion & Approval of Payments/Purchases
New Monterey High School Project Update
Change Order
CO #17 Revision 2
Proposed Change Orders
PCO #109
PCO #84
GEOServices, LLC - Knoxville, Tennessee for construction monitoring services
redChair: architects - Knoxville, Tennessee for architectural services and reimbursable expenses
redChair:architects - Knoxville, Tennessee for reimbursable expenses
Rouse Construction's Application Payment #19
Monterey High School Plaque Design
New Upperman Middle School Project Update
Change Order
CO #18
GEOServices, LLC - Knoxville, Tennessee for construction monitoring services
redChair: architects - Knoxville, Tennessee for architectral services and reimbursable expenses
R.G. Anderson's Application Payment #21
Additional Furniture, Fixture and Equipment Items for Upperman Middle School Project
Section 5, Personnel, policies on first and final reading with no changes updating review date only
Policy 5.100, Personnel Goals
Policy 5.101, Line and Staff Relations
Policy 5.103, Job Descriptions
Policy 5.104, Equal Opportunity Employment
Policy 5.105, Recruitment
Policy 5.106, Application and Employment
Policy 5.107, Orientation and Probation
Policy 5.109, Evaluation
Policy 5.110, Compensation Guides and Contracts
Policy 5.112, Extended Contracts
Policy 5.113, In-Service and Professional Learning Opportunities
Policy 5.114, Personnel Records
Policy 5.1141, Teacher Effect Data
Policy 5.115, Assignment/Transfer
Policy 5.116, Staff Positions: Creation of Positions; Reduction in Force
Policy 5.200, Separation Practices for Tenured Teachers
Policy 5.201, Separation Practices for Non-Tenured Teachers
Policy 5.202, Separation Practices for Non-Tenured Teachers
Policy 5.300, Short Term Leaves of Absence
Policy 5.302, Sick Leave
Policy 5.3021, Sick Leave Bank
Policy 5.305, Family and Medical Leave
Policy 5.306, Military Leave
Policy 5.307, Physical Assault Leave
Policy 5.309, Legislative Leave
Policy 5.310, Vacations and Holidays
Policy 5.400, Health Examinations/Communicable Diseases
Policy 5.401, Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome
Policy 5.402, Hepatitis B
Policy 5.403, Drug & Alcohol Testing for Employees
Policy 5.500, Discrimination/Harassment
Policy 5.501, Complaints
Policy 5.502, Complaints about School Personnel
Policy 5.503, Workplace Violence Prevention
Policy 5.504, Workplace Bullying
Policy 5.600, Attendance
Policy 5.6001, Staff Dress Code
Policy 5.601, Staff Conflict of Interest
Policy 5.602, Time Schedules and Extra Duty
Policy 5.603, Staff Meetings
Policy 5.6041, Strategic Compensation
Policy 5.6042, Worker's Compensation
Policy 5.605, Staff Gifts and Solicitations
Policy 5.606, Staff Community Relations: Participation in Community Activities; Political Activities
Policy 5.607, Non-School Employment
Policy 5.608, Tutoring for Pay
Policy 5.610, Staff-Student Relations
Policy 5.612, Cell Phone Usage
Policy 5.613, Employee Social Media Policy
Policy 5.701, Substitute Teachers
Policy 5.702, Student Teachers
Policy 5.703, Substitute Workers
Policy 5.800, Director of Schools
Policy 5.801, Recruitment and Selection
Policy 5.803, Evaluation of the Director of Schools
Policy 5.900, Collaborative Conferencing
Policy 5.910, Firearms and Other Weapons
Section 5, Personnel, policies being updated on first and final reading.
Policy 5.102, Classification and Qualifications
Policy 5.108, Supervision
Policy 5.117, Procedure for Granting Tenure
Policy 5.301, Emergency and Legal Leave
Policy 5.303, Personal and Professional Leave
Policy 5.304, Long-Term Leaves of Absence for Professional Personnel
Policy 5.308, Bereavement Leave
Policy 5.604, Compensation Guides for Non-Certified Salaried and Hourly Personnel
Policy 5.611, Ethics
Policy 5.700, Interim Employees
Discuss Baxter Youth Baseball League request
Discuss 25-hour rule tabled at the May 7, 2015, Board meeting.
Discuss request (tabled at the May 7, 2015, Board meeting) to extend the current Janitorial Services Agreement between GCA Services Group and Putnam County School for the 2015-2016.
General Purpose School Budget (Fund 141) - Draft #2
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