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June 28, 2012 at 5:00 PM - Putnam County Board of Education Regular Meeting

Meeting Called to Order
Approval of Agenda
I Make A Difference Award Presentation
2012-2013 Administrative Appointments
2012 Summer STEAM Academy
Note TSBA Summer Law Institute - July 13 & 14, 2012
Note the September Board Meeting and TSBA's 2012 Fall District Meeting are both scheduled on Thursday, September 6th.
Approval of the Minutes
Regular Board Meeting - June 7, 2012, @ 5:00 PM
Approval of the Consent Agenda
Approval of payment for renewal fee for International Baccalaureate Program for school year 2012-2013 in the amount of $10,400.00 to be paid from 141-72210-599CURRI.
Approval of payment of My Learning Plan (Professional Development tracking program)contract renewal in the quote amount of $14,882.00 for the term 4/29/2012 - 6/30/2013 from the following funds: 141-72210-599 MATER-$6,763; 141-72220-399 -$1,785; 142-72130-399-802 -$500; 142-72210-599-201 -$5,834.
Approval of the Framing Materials bid for the Construction Technology Building Projects at CHS, MHS, and UHS to be paid from the respective Construction Tech Program funds at each school. (Note: Bid date opening June 25, 2012.)
Budget Amendments/Line Item Transfers
Federal Projects Budget Amendments - Fund 142
To establish School Climate Survey Grant (originally set-up in General Purpose (141) incorrectly
To adjust Title I ARRA for Carry-forward
To adjust Title II Part D ARRA e4000 for Carry-forward
To adjust Title II, Part D, ARRA budget
To adjust Title V for Carry-forward
Title III (301) to utilize funds more appropriately to close out 2011-12 school year
Federal Projects Line Item Transfers - Fund 142
Special Education - Spring Clean-up
Special Education - Spring Clean-up
Title II (201) to utilize funds more appropriately to close out 2011-12 school year
Title I (101) to utilize funds more appropriately to close out 2011-12 school year
Title IID (231) to utilize funds more appropriately to close out 2011-12 school year
Title I Consolidated Administration (011) to utilize funds more appropriately
General Purpose Schools Line Item Transfers - Fund 141
Special Education Spring Clean-up
Special Education Spring Clean-up
Final Year-End Clean-up
Adult Education Program (71600)
Health Services (72120)
Other Student Support (72130)
Regular Instruction Program (72210)
Adult Education Program (72260)
Director of Schools (72320)
Human Services/Personnel (72520)
Maintenance of Plant (72620)
Transportation (72710)
Central and Other (72810)
Community Services (73300)
Early Childhood Education (73400)
Food Service Budget Amendments - Fund 143
Approval to rescind action taken on Food Service Budget Amendment - Fund 143 at the June 7, 2012, Board meeting as Consent Agenda Item V.C.6.a.
To budget for underestimated revenue based on student participation; increased expenses
Extended School Program Line Item Transfers - Fund 146
To reallocate Extended School Program (146) budget to allocate more effectively
Approval of Out-of-County Over-night Trip Report (none submitted)
Approval of Grant Report, as submitted.
Approval of the revised Putnam County Board of Education revised 457(b) Deferred Compensation Plan Adoption Agreement to account for new additions as required by the Internal Revenue Service.
2012-2013 Pay Scales & Supplements
Approval of the Classification Chart and Pay Scale for both Hourly and Professional Non-certified Employees, as submitted.
Approval of the Certified Pay Scale, as submitted.
Approval of the System-wide Pay Scale, as submitted.
Approval of the following Coaching and Academic Supplements and attached Supplement Guidelines, as submitted.
Approval of the PASS Pay Scale, as submitted.
Approval of the "Transition to Work Program" grant with the Vocational Rehabilitation Center for the 2012-2013 school year in the amount of $34,750, as submitted.
Approval to add the following school sponsored activities to be included as allowable substitutions for the required physical education 1/2 credit for the class of 2013 and beyond effective July 1, 2012: Boys/Girls Competition Swim Team, Boys/Girls Lacrosse, and Competition Dance Team.
Approval of the Strategic Compensation Implementation Application Change Form, as submitted.
Building Projects Discussion & Approval of Payments/Purchases
Burks Middle School Addition Project Update
Payment to Mid-State Construction Company
Proposed Change Orders
PR #012 - Change Plumbing Fixtures
PR #013 - Change Counter Height
PR #014 - Relocate Sprinkler Heads
Transfer of Uffelman Elementary School's (UES) funds to Burks Elementary School's funds as of July 1, 2012.
Purchase of Promethean Activboard package with installation services from Personal Computer Systems - Knox.
Capshaw Elementary School Structural Stabilization Project Update
Payment to Rembco Geotechnical Contractors - Knoxville, Tennessee
Upperman High School Fieldhouse HVAC Update
Approval of the proposal from CHC Mechanical Contractors - Cookeville, Tennessee
Cornerstone Middle School HVAC Improvements Update
Payment Carwile Mechanical Contractors Inc. - Cookeville, Tennessee
Presentation, Discussion and/or Action
Monterey Schools Relocation Update
2012-2013 Enrollment Update
Priority 3 Enrollment Requests
Algood Elementary School
Baxter Elementary School
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