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August 20, 2019 at 5:30 PM - Bedford County Board of Education

Call to Order
Moment of Silence
Pledge of Allegiance
Opening Remarks
Approval of Agenda
Minutes from July 16, 2019 Monthly Meeting
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MOU with Centerstone
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Student Trip Request - SCHS NHS to LEAD Conference - Washington, D.C.
MOU between Bedford County Sheriff's Office & BCBOE for SROs
Elect Chair and Vice-Chair
Elect TLN Representative
Select and Appoint Members of the Management Personnel Team for Collaborative Conferencing
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Strategic Plan 2019-2024
Rationale:  The state requires BOE's to approve a five year strategic plan that aligns with state goals and the district's ePlan.  The strategic plan must be revised every two years.  

The board met in four strategic planning sessions during the spring of 2019 to lay out their vision for the district with goals and strategies to achieve them.  Actions to carry out the strategies have been added as well as measure to chart progress of the plan.
Policy Revisions
Policy 3.202 - Revision - Emergency Preparedness Plan
Rationale:  State law previously only required high schools to maintain AEDs.  Public Chapter 391 expands this requirement to all schools.  The proposed revision reflects this change (which we already comply with), as well as updates legal references.
Policy 4.605 - Revision - Graduation Requirements
Rationale:  State law previously only required students to take a civics exam before graduating high school.  Now, Public Chapter 442 requires that students pass the exam in order to graduate.

This revision also moves language regarding special education diplomas from one section of the policy to another, for better flow.
Policy 6.308 -  Revision - Bus Safety Conduct
Rationale:  Public Chapter 256 only applies to LEAs that maintain cameras on their school buses, and requires those boards to adopt a policy that establishes a process to allow parents to view photographs or video footage collected from cameras on school buses.  The new law also requires the policy to contain provisions on who will supervise the parents while they view the surveillance footage and how long the photographs or video footage will be maintained by the LEA.
Policy 4.700 - Testing Programs
Rationale:  Public Chapter 108 requires LEAs to make interest inventories available to students in either middle school or ninth grade.  It also requires LEAs to administer a career aptitude assessment to students in grades seven or eight.
Grant Budgets
Title IX McKinney-Vento Homeless Grant
Title IX - McKinney Vento REVISED Grant Budget
CTE Perkins Reserve Grant Budget
CTE Perkins Reserve Grant REVISION
June Monthly Financial Report
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Quarterly Financial Report
July Monthly Financial Report
Budget Amendment #1
Building Program Update
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Executive Committee Report
Declaration of Surplus - Transportation
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Declaration of Surplus - Portables
Superintendent's Report
Acknowledge Special Programs and Achievements
FYI - Personnel
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