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June 19, 2018 at 5:30 PM - Bedford County Board of Education June Monthly Meeting

Call to Order
Moment of Silence
Pledge of Allegiance
Opening Remarks
Approval of Agenda
Minutes from May 22, 2018 Monthly Meeting
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Classroom Fee Rate Schedule
Annual Physician's Agreements
Federal Consolidated Application
Consolidated School Health MOU
Annual Gifts & Bequests
School Accounts Payable
Policy Updates/Revisions
Policy 6.200 - Attendance
Rationale:  The truancy portion of this policy has been overhauled in order to comply with Public Chapter 379 regarding progressive truancy interventions.  This law goes into effect on July 1 and requires boards to approve a progressive truancy intervention plan which is included.  The revisions also address required updates outlined in Public Chapter 958.
Policy 6.405 - Medicines

Public Chapter 84 requires boards to adopt a policy on administering adrenal insufficiency medication that complies with rules created by the State Board.  As a result, the State Board modified its Policy 4.205 and created an accompanying rule.  This revision incorporates the language on adrenal insufficiency medication that aligns with the requirements.

Coordinator of School Health Dee Crabtree has reviewed the policy revision and supplied us with two forms from her nurse's association that will become administrative procedures behind this policy.  The system had its first student start late this spring that requires adrenal insufficiency medication.

Policy 6.319 - Alternative School Program
Rationale:  The State Board made changes to its policy on alternative school programs to remove outdated language and clarify minimum requirements.  This revision is aligned with the new language.
Policy 4.206 - Special Programs
Rationale:  This policy revision updates the provision regarding homebound instruction.  To align the policy with truancy requirements, TSBA is recommending that systems allow students to qualify for the program if they anticipate being absent for five school days due to illness or injury.  The board could, however, choose to maintain the ten-day requirement.  The Superintendent is recommending the suggested change to five days to align with the changes in truancy law.
Policy 4.606 - Graduation Activities
Rationale:  Changes to State Board Policy 2.103 expanded the variety of student awards and achievements that must be noted at graduation. 
Policy 4.605 - Graduation Requirements
Rationale:  This revision includes the update for including a new diploma that is available to special education students (the alternate academic diploma) per the State Board's Policy 2.103.  There is also some general clean-up to streamline the policy.
Policy 4.603 - Promotion and Retention
Rationale:  The State Board made significant changes to its policy on promotion and retention.  The changes place greater emphasis on promotion.  TSBA revised their model policy to better align with the state board's revisions which include updated factors for making decisions.  This revision represents a major rewrite to our existing policy.
Policy 6.304 - Student Discrimination, Harassment, Bullying, Cyber-Bullying, Intimidation
Rationale:  This is a refresh to our policy as suggested by Lewis Thomason.  Items in green were already in our policy and have just been rearranged and items in red have been added.
Policy 6.305 - Complaints and Grievances
Federal Amendments
Title I-A
Title II-A
Title IX - McKinney-Vento
Special Education
Read To Be Ready Summer Grant
May Monthly Financial Report
Bid 18-23 - Off-Site Water Line Bid for Cascade High
Monthly Tax Analysis
Building Program Update
Executive Committee Report
Superintendent's Report
Acknowledge Special Programs & Achievements
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