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April 19, 2016 at 5:30 PM - April Monthly Board Meeting

Call to Order
Moment of Silence
Pledge of Allegiance
Opening Remarks
Approval of Agenda
Minutes from March 15, 2016 Monthly Meeting
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Minutes from April 13, 2016 Special Called Meeting
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Overnight and/or Out-of-State Trip Requests
Eastside Students - Washington, D.C. - Invention Convention
SCHS FFA - Doyle, TN - State Competitions
SCHS FFA - Doyle, TN - Leadership Camp
Cascade FFA - Doyle, TN - Leadership Camp
Principal Report - Robert Ralston (Online Coursework as Related to Graduation Rates of At-Risk Students in a Rural Public High School in Bedford County, TN)
Policies - New and/or Revised
Revision - Policy 1.407 - School Board Records

In reviewing this policy, there were several updates needed...

We needed to clarify that only written or emailed requests for records will be accepted so that any other form of request is improper.  Also, clarification was needed to say that requests are to be made of the "records custodian" so that requests are not improperly sent to an attorney, etc.

Language has been added on advice of TSBA for multiple requests (Lines 7-12) to provide for cost of labor in circumstances when a significant amount of documents is being requested.  Costs are provided for by the comptroller's office and referenced at the bottom of the policy.

If you will recall, we made updates to several policies regarding privacy of safety and security plans in previous years due to a change in TCA and this policy also needs to contain that information - (Lines 14-15).

We have asked that the corresponding procedures for this policy be referenced at the bottom and will be making changes to the amount charged for copies in order to fall in line with the comptroller's schedule for such charges.  


Revision - Policy 4.802 - Student Equal Access

This suggested revision, along with the two that follow, came about after a discussion at a superintendent's meeting prompted research.  A neighboring county's superintendent was considering recommending a policy on student clubs and organizations that was adopted in a Florida district, however he had not done the legal research on the policy which it turns out would be in direct contradiction to federal law.  Working with attorneys at TSBA, we researched the legalities of the issues that have cropped up recently in another county with student clubs and organizations.  

We currently have three board policies which address clubs, organizations and equal access.  The board adopted an equal access policy in 2014 to comply with the federal Equal Access Act's provisions.  Additional language has been suggested (Lines 23-27on Page 1 and Lines 1-4 on Page 2) in order to clarify the types of activities that are protected by the Equal Access Act.

The law does not require the phrase on Line 10 that is being suggested, however the Equal Access Act does state that a district cannot compel any person to participate in "prayer or religious activity" and school agents and employees cannot be compelled to "attend a school meeting if the content of the speech at the meeting is contrary to the beliefs of the agent or employee".  Including this suggested statement in the policy would be a good idea according to legal counsel, since districts cannot require students to join clubs that meet after school hours.

Revision - Policy 6.702 - Student Clubs and Organizations
Rationale:  The current policy could create a situation where the superintendent doesn't approve some requirements of a club, but it is not clear then if the principal still has the authority to approve the club or if he/she is bound by the superintendent's decision.  Removing lines 10-11 would help clear up this conflict with another policy (4.300 -Extracurricular Activities).  
Revision - Policy 4.300 - Extracurricular Activities

The revisions suggested here are simply to clean-up the policy and sync it with the previous revisions and eliminate any confusion.


This revision calls for the board to approve "types" of activities while the principal will approve "specific" clubs based on a more specific criteria such as does this club have a faculty sponsor, does it have enough members, is it following national charter of its parent organization, etc.  The superintendent would not be required to approve either of these steps.


Title III Budget Amendment
March Monthly Financial Report
Quarterly Financial Report
Monthly Tax Analysis
Monthly Expenditures Report
Legislative Report
Executive Committee Report
Declaration of Surplus Property-Eakin
Declaration of Surplus Property-Learning Way
Superintendent's Report
Acknowledge School System Programs & Achievements
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