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June 17, 2014 at 5:30 PM - June Regular Monthly Board Meeting

Minutes from May 20, 2014 Regular Monthly Board Meeting
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Overnight Trip Request - SCHS FBLA to Nashville for National Conference
Classroom Fee Rate Schedule
Physician's Agreement for Bus Driver Physicals
Carl Perkins Budget Summary
Energy Savings Program - Aramark
Energy Savings Program - Cenergistics
Request for Easement at Liberty from BCUD
Request from Cascade Band Boosters
Rationale:  The Cascade Band boosters are requesting to build a storage building adjacent to the bandroom. 
Request for Use of Leased Property at Cascade
Rationale:  A request was received from the descendants of the Young family to revisit the home place of their grandparents on the tract of property near Cascade School currently being leased for farm purposes.  This request was forwarded to Attorney John T. Bobo who advised that:

1.    Permission must be obtained from the Board's farming tenant.
2.    The Board must approve the request.
3.    If the BOE approves, then all parties visiting the property must sign an indemnification     and     hold     harmless agreement that would include the Board, County, and the tenant. 

Mr. Samuel Davis, who leases the property from the BOE, is fine with allowing the family to visit the property and homeplace and would just like advance warning to allow for entry and securing of livestock gates, etc.

School Accounts Payable
Annual Report of Gifts & Bequests
Policy Revisions
Policy 6.310 - Student Dress Code
Rationale:  Using the five points of review listed in the secondary principals request to revise the dress code, this revision was created.  Those five points were:
-Consider solid color stipulation be relaxed to include multi-color,stripes, checks, etc.
-Remove the restrictions on the appearance and size of manufacturer's logos
-Consider school approved t-shirts
-Allow cargo shorts
-Reconsider the tuck-in rule.

In addition to these requests, also included in the revision are:
-A statement that the dress code shall be uniformly implemented and enforced throughout system.
-General efforts to streamline and remove outdated references.
-Removal of reference to embellishments on pants
-Inclusion of leggings and guidlelines
-Clarification and clean-up of outerware
-Prohibiting sunglasses being worn
-Allowing flip flops
-Disruption clause
-Included discipline procedures in policy
Policy 4.700 - Testing Programs
Rationale:  This draft is to reflect a revision to TCA 49-6-6007 which requires that no later than July 31st of each year, an LEA shall post on its website information  regarding state and board mandated tests that will be administered during the school year.  This statute also required an LEA, beginning with the 2015-16 school year, to include information related to testing information in each school's student handbook or policy guidebook that is distributed on an annual basis.

Lee Harrell of TSBA was instrumental in getting the handbook requirement changed to 2015-16 school year as some legislators had wanted to make it a requirement for 2014-15, not allowing schools to meet publishing deadlines.

There is also a bit of housekeeping done by eliminating the outdated language regarding Gateway testing.
Policy 4.802 - Student Equal Access
Rationale:  This draft is due to statutory modifications.  The Religious Viewpoints Antidiscrimination Act requires an LEA to adopt a policy if they provide a limited public forum whereby students are allowed to speak during school sponsored events.  The policy must allow student speakers to publicly state or express a religious viewpoint without fear of discrimination or retaliation.  In addition, the policy must address certain statutory requirements of TCA 49-6-1803, as this revision does.

The general assembly wanted to insure that the student's view point would not be discriminated against and they wanted the LEA to be able to articulate that those are the views of the student and not the system.

This policy will also be required for inclusion in 2015-16 handbooks.
Policy 4.803 - Recognition of Religious Beliefs, Customs & Holidays
Rationale:  This draft is done to reflect the new statutory provisions of the Religious Viewpoints Antidiscrimination Act (Public Chapter 654).  This Act allows students to express religious beliefs in homework, artwork, and other written and oral assignments free from discrimination based on the religious content of their submissions.  The new statutory provision also explicitly prohibits students from being penalized or rewarded on account of the religioius content of their work (TCA 49-6-1804).

We have stricken the specific listing of holidays, as it is more of a best practice to not do so.
Policy 5.201 - Separation Practices for Non-Tenured Teachers
Rationale:  This draft reflects a revision to TCA 49-5-511(a)(3) which limits a teacher's suspension to ninety (90) days in duration, unless it is related to a criminal or Department of Children's Services investigation.  If the Superintendent based the suspension on allegations pending an investigation, that investigation should take place within 90 days in order to give the teacher due process.
Policy 5.200 - Separation Practices for Tenured Teachers
Policy 6.4001 - Student Surveys, Analyses, and Evaluations
Rationale:  This policy revision is due to legislation regarding instructional materials.  This draft updates the policy to reflect revisions to TCA 49-2-211 which gives parents the right to inspect all materials related to a survey, analysis, or evaluation of any program, prior to dissemination.

Additionally, no student shall be required, as part of the program, to submit to a survey, analysis or evaluation that reveals certain information without the prior consent of the student (if the student is an adult or emancipated minor), or in the case of an unemancipated minor, without the prior consent of the parent.

The policy name has been updated as well, from the former "Surveys of Students".
Bid No. 14-41 - Gasoline & Diesel Fuel
Rationale:  The transportation department is recommending the bid from D&D for gasoline & diesel.  Fuel cards will be through Tri-Star.
Federal Amendments
Title VI - #142-605
Carl Perkins - #142-807
2014-15 Child Nutrition Budget
Rationale:  This budget was not part of the budget the BOE and finance committee approved last month.  The numbers in that budget for child nutrition were last year's. 

This budget reflects the Community Eligibility Provision which will mean that we are serving all students a reimbursable meal at NO CHARGE, therefore the "lunch money from students" line will be basically zero.  Federal thru state reimbursement money will increase and make up for student money. 

The CEP program allows all students to be served a reimbursable meal at no charge regardless of economic status.  All students will be able to receive one reimbursable breakfast and one reimbursable lunch daily at no charge.  A reimbursable meal consists of at least three meal components with at least one component being a serving of fruit and/or vegetable.

Students wishing to purchase extra items (a la carte) and/or items not included in a reimbursable meal may do so in the cafeteria with cash or from their prepaid cafeteria account.  Charges for a la carte items are not allowed.
May Monthly Financial Report
Monthly Tax Analysis
Monthly Expenditures Report
Executive Committee Report
Declarations of Surplus Property
Cascade High Surplus
SouthSide School Surplus
SCHS Surplus
Eakin Surplus
Superintendent's Report
Acknowledge Special Programs & Achievements
FYI - Personnel
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